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Missouri AG sues China over coronavirus 'deceit'

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt argues the state has been damaged to the tune of tens of billions of dollars because of China’s action or inaction over the coronavirus.

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  1. I hope youre not wasting any more money on this. But I do agree with you.

  2. China will pay with a copy of dollars

  3. Who's believed fox News? Only idiot and devil maybe? 🤔😂😂🤔😂😂🤔😂😂🤔😂😂

  4. Better luck Suing Trump for flase clamps on Hydrochloroquine or using Lysol cleansing…PLUS Rest of the world can sue US for AIDS, H1N1 and 09 World Financial Meltdown…
    Last I checked, it was China that bailed out the sorry state of affairs in the US following meltdown, buying up Treasury Bonds and holding on to them.

    Old proverb…"Be careful for what you wish for";)

  5. Good luck, 😂 😆 😝, dumb shits

  6. Good luck, Missouri. Trump owes Bank of China tens of millions of dollars in loans.

  7. so typical of us politicians and anericans, blame someone something anyone else for its own recklessness and abandonment, america will not always be top militant dog its not possible america will fall and america is making many many enemies on the way down and the fall wont be as pretty as a the fall in maine nor as welcome

  8. the missouri ag is on drugs ( that he stole from a drug dealer no doubt ) the entire world will turn on the usa if they dont quit acting stupid, everyone in the world does not share americas thirst for law suits like this attorney general who works for the criminal system clearly does, china says to america maybe you would like to come on over and collect that payment and send this globe into a melt down, collect that mr government man

  9. Lady, why are you shooting the AG of Ms. down????? All states will follow. China Will be held accountable to the World Ma'am!!!!!!!! They can be forced into submission…..

  10. You can sue who you want, but the decision makers for the policy failure are in DC, collecting a check while we sit home with nothing. And yes, I did vote for this administration. I won't be voting in November, or maybe I will write in Santa Claus or something, I don't know.

  11. TRUMP SHOULDN'T be criticizing the governor of Georgia who had the guts to open up his ECONOMY by giving people the choice. This is AMERICA and we have the right to go out if we want or stay in if we want house arrest is UNACCEPTABLY. 😠😠

  12. How much is he asking for? 723,391,258 oz (450,000,000两) of silver?

  13. There ya go again, sue and blame to divert attention to cover up our leader’s failures. Most Americans hate the Chinese anyway, because they’re doing better than us. China was surprised by the new virus and maybe they didn’t know how to react to it first, but they were able to control the virus and lifted all locked down within two months. We knew about the virus since January and our ignorant Trump kept play down the situation and not setup proper protocol to contain the spread, which caused many American lives. We are the leader of the world, and we should show them how we win this virus. We can’t afford to spend more tax payers money to sue China knowing we aren’t get a penny out of it. Quit showing the world that we are weak like a cry baby. We are still the leader and we should unite the world to win the virus together.

  14. City of Wuhan will sue US military to release the virus!

  15. The American Chapo and the scarf woman have been a force in this locked up madness.They want the ordinary people to familiarize with psychiatric confinements. They should be sued too.

  16. Why didn't sue in your country?? Your Country US failed to fights against COVID-19

  17. Please sues China until they bankrupt and save the world.

  18. CCP: At the moment we are a bit short of cash and gold, USA citizens please accept our condolences and compensation in the form of new viral payment method the Wu-RNA.

  19. Hey! I thought it was a hoax?

  20. hello china don't eat mice, rats, cats, and dog meat!

  21. Boycot China !!!!🤮🤮🤧

  22. China unleashed a bioweapon upon the world. Lets unite with our brothers in Russia and France, and empty our nuclear stockpiles over that sorry excuse of a country!

  23. Do it! Im praying. They deceived the world.

  24. Maybe China will sue back for defamation and bad publicity!
    And what if the virus originated in fort detrick considering Event 201. Also already NY governor is saying covid19 could already be in US from nov onwards.. So!

  25. sue china? how about using Dongfeng ballistic missiles to deliver the "compensation" to america?

  26. Will other countries sue America for war and corruption?

  27. New way to name disease for the world, listen up
    Alzheimer’s Disease—Greecheimes
    The California Valley Fever—Argentever
    Chlamydia —Russiamydia
    Marburg—Uganda Virus
    Norovirus—Denmark Virus
    Group A streptococcal Infection —US Infection

  28. China needs to be nuked.

  29. Black people can take a sit and relax a little bit bc white men is after asians now .racists !

  30. So can we sue trump for ignorance? or is it better to hold him liable for lying. Of course his mental and physical handicaps are tragic .

  31. you are not actrually sueing China, you are just humiliating the state of Missouri and the US law system.

  32. Wow, somebody actually doing the right thing!!!!!!

  33. So it's the buck-passing for transfering responsibility of resolving crisis?

  34. Chinese commercial entities are vulnerable in numerous countries.

  35. It's about time someone sued the communist scum.

  36. Winning the lawsuit, by who's Court ? what decade? It's like having a judgment, winning in small claims court , and then getting nothing! the Chinese government should be responsible for the covid-19 outbreak from China ! Remember you want the truth, ask a kid under 3, a drunk, or a Chinaman!

  37. Where's a 6.9 earthquake when you need one?

  38. Ya and I’ll sue the Hockey Masked Killer approaching me 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  39. I think Missouri should wait with their lawsuit against China and find out what do United States is going to do about it. What are we going to do have 50 lawsuits this is stupid.

  40. The whole world should sue China!!!!#


  42. The problem is that American CEOs, politicians, governors, and Harvarders love honey pots in China.

  43. I'm proud of my State 💪 of Missouri.. Thank you Attorney General Schimt

  44. The US should pay reparations for causing the 2008 global financial crisis when they MISREPORTED the true credit risk of subprime mortgages and loans. US president Bush told every person in US could be homeowners. US homebuyers got greedy and bought 2nd and even 3rd homes. US mortgage lenders lent to people who didn’t even have jobs! US bankers then packaged up these dogshit subprime loans and US credit rating agencies LIED and gave them AAA-ratings and US investment banks sold them to pensions funds charity foundations and investors all around the world. The tens of millions of jobs lost globally in 2008 led to millions of poverty-related deaths, that is blood on the hands of the US. And remember, it was China that saved the global economy in 2008/09 through the trillions it made in fiscal and monetary stimulus.

  45. It's gonna be hard to have discovery in a commie country. Takes balls. Go CHIEFS superbowl champs

  46. Did we figure out China allowing flights internationally but not nationally? If that's the case this is biological warfare.🧨☢️🧨

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