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Mitch McConnell Admits Defeat

Mitch McConnell Admits Defeat

Mitch McConnell admitted that he is in favor of corruption. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://go.tyt.com/YU_Up8oTd7Y

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“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is pulling out all the stops to make sure not a single Republican senator backs the campaign finance and ethics reform bill that House Democrats are set to pass on Friday.

McConnell, a longtime opponent of campaign finance reform who battled the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) over the issue, made clear in December that the House proposal would never see floor time in the Senate.

He’s continued to pummel the legislation, sending a stern warning to any GOP colleague who may be thinking about supporting it.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola


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  1. 1:52 who the hell is that guy with a cross on his forehead? Is he alright?

  2. Vote the GOP out! Their policies are bad for Americans. They are no longer the party of laws or patriotism- McConnell only cares about his donors and not his constituents.

  3. Bernie supporters: Do U think it is realistic to think Americans can jump into Socialism or Socialized medicine when such a high percentage of the population cannot even distinguish Socialism from Communism? Most believe Socialism and Communism are synonymous. Realism is now here not Nowhere in the hinterlands and should be L.T.A. ie 'Listened to' –'Taken seriously' & 'Affirmed' –like most ppl & Ppl in the USA are not even 'OK' with the ACA; indeed many & maybe most don't even know that ACA & Obamacare ARE in fact synonymous: One & the same. At least polls show that. We've no time to chase pipe dreams like Sander's which will not be realized this time especially since regressing via Mitch McConnell-enabled Trump 'Leadership' =laughable at best and worse. . . a danger to mankind's existence. REALISM Bernie. REALISM. I too believe it IS the 'right thing to do' but then I don't typify 'Average middle America' by virtue of the choices I made early on just aft high school –when Ppl of my age were planning families; dreaming of houses w/white picket fences. One is not 'better' than the other but I chose another Path which caused me to hunger for 'knowing' & thirst for rich experiences involving other Ppl globally. . .so my Path involved saving $$ /studying; travel, learning & researching all colors; sizes; cultures of Ppl in the world BEFORE settling into grad school; family; houses; etc.. Just a diff preference based on how I was 'wired' via DNA & how/why I 'showed up' as daughter to Mother & my father with interests that left me thirsty, that is all but I learned what I was striving for & satiated for the time being . . .fbringing it home to contemplate.


  5. I am Australian and can't believe how terrible your voting system is. It's a mess.

  6. I hope this disgusting racist dishonest jerk dies in hell.people are suffering because of this racist crook.can't pay there bills can't feed that families.trump doesn't care about anyone only his greedy self.

  7. Three of you make such a great team. Power of three.

  8. Mitch McConnell is pure evil.

  9. If money was not a factor in elections republicans would sweep the board clean with a red wave

  10. 248 brainwashed zombie clones trump supporters are complete hypocritical moronic imbeciles

  11. Tyt i don't give a shit what the hell you guys think either you are also covering for mcconnell and the republicans. Mcconnell i don't care what you think about what bills the democrats put before you. Either pass them ir resign your seat

  12. Mitch McConnell is an enemy of democracy in America.

  13. It's because both parties are lobbied by the same interest groups. This is why we need a Bernie who's against the mainstream and speaks for the middle class. Bernie 2020

  14. Nancy Polosi demonstrates so many of the unfortunate problems that come from electing very elderly individuals to higher office. The older a person gets, the more rigid & less plastic the neural pathways in their brain become, with significantly fewer novel pathways being formed. This leads to slow, linear thought processes, where more emphasis is placed on older, more comfortable modes of thought, memories & ideas.

    In he public speeches, she comes across as devoid of passion for her policies, giving them far less impact in the minds of voters, and making her responses to the shockingly anti-democratic activities of the Republicans, seem lackluster & placid – where honest anger & outrage is called for.

    She gets too fixated on a single line of attack, making it difficult for her to change directions when faced with frenetically changing political situation in Trumpian America. When rapid, effectual & dynamic responses to the activities of Trump, his sycophantic enablers & the Republicans (et al.) are required, she's forever playing catch-up (or getting too easily distracted by internal politics).

    Worst of all, she utterly fails to recognise the massive evolutionary change that has happened to the political landscape, post Trump. Bipartisanship has largely become a thing of the past – a pipedream of idealists – that does not exist in modern politics (thanks to corrupt assholes like Mitch McConnell), so whenever she mentions her support for it (instead of more aggressive responses to the myriad unethical, immoral & criminal activities of the Republicans), then she appears quaint & anachronistic – and seriously damned ineffectual as a leader.

    She got her current position of power thanks to the influence she gained in attracting donors & funding – not by showing a powerful, dynamic & effectual personality that would push Democratic policies with the aggression that's required by the current nature of politics in Washington.

  15. Political donations should be capped at $1000 per person and no more. Lobbyists and other types of special interest pushers should be outright illegal, and, if ANYONE gets caught breaking these rules they should get thrown into prison for 20 years minimum.

  16. Anyone else think that mitch was donatelo from TMNT? Now he is hiding most his turtle like features…but I still can tell it's him.

  17. The only difference between the two parties is the nature of the and location of the corruption. The America I grew up in had a permanent Democratic majority. In no way did that permanent majority assure the integrity of elections or spare the USA from other forms of corruption.

  18. McConnell needs to RETIRE besides he could pass as a body DOUBLE to a SHELL-LESS TURTLE!!

  19. "separation of church and state"
    Guy in background has gods shitstain on his forehead.

  20. So, anti-corruption laws are designed to let Democrats win? So, the Senate Majority Leader flat out admitted Republicans are corrupt? And he still has a job?!

  21. If a shriveled up scrotum could speak, it would sound like Mitch McConnell.

  22. The republicons have never like the democratic process. They know full well they cant win in free and fair elections. They also know that the facts are not on their side either and that is why they are the more dishonest of the 2 parties.

  23. Again, the dude behind Ol'Turtle-face Mitch. @1:46 WTF is on his forehead? Anyone? Anyone know what that is?

  24. If HR1 is enacted, it would move the USA closer to dissolution along red-blue lines.
    The regulation of elections has been, by long standing tradition, a matter to be decided by the states.
    There is a problem in the USA with people voting illegally, and with votes not being honestly counted. There is also a problem with inadequate equipment in certain precincts, sadly all too often majority minority precincts. HR1 does not clearly address any of these problems.
    Voting should require a paper ballot, and paper ballots should be preserved for at least 24 years.

  25. McConnell a man who saw the treasons and crimes in AMERICA AND DID NOT ONE DAMNED THING.GET HIS OATH BREAKING TREASONOUS ASS IN GITMO.

  26. This proves American democracy is a farce 😂

  27. McConnell you stupid hillbilly crooked clown McConnell don't want People to vote. To take his power away. McConnell when we take the Senate back in 2020 that bill will pass and you crooks will not stop People from voting.

  28. Mitch is just another Trump swampster, a 'turdle', that keeps his other reptilians company while they cheer each other with the blood of America.
    I nick named him Yertle the Ugly, an ugly, corrupt, and stupid human who always looks for his shell when confronted on his buffoonery.

  29. It’s About Time DEMS
    JOBS .

  30. mitch mconnell dose not vote on anything. republicans are bought and owned by russans to bring down the u.s. democrats are paid not to resist.

  31. Look a hoot owl 🦉 in its natural habitat a goose neck old wrinkled red neck racist

  32. Mitch McConnell and the Chamber of Donors.

  33. Old McConnell, He should buy a farm with all the money he got with all that lobbying and retire…

  34. GOP can not allow all eligible voters to get registered, it would End the GOP…

  35. Republicans know that if more people vote and the electorate is able have the information that they need to make an informed decision the Republicans will lose. Remember Trump said that he "loves the uneducated" and so does the republican party as it keeps getting them elected.

  36. Suddenly, McConnell seems to know the difference between voter fraud and election fraud.

  37. Report cards on these people, every three months

  38. Republicans being against power grabs ? I just peed myself laughing so hard

  39. What about voting fraud the Democrats in Florida.

  40. what the heck was on that guys forehead

  41. 1:39 – Check out Ashy Larry in the background… apparently this is for Ash Wednesday, but having never been part of that, I assumed he got ink on his hand and smudged his forehead a couple of times.

  42. Dems: introduce pro voting rights and anti corruption bill – safe in the knowledge that it will not pass. Aipaic jumps at Omar – Dems are glad to help them out. They did for show introduce HR1 but now they would rahter deal with the "antisemitism" of Omar – the Aipac owners / donors expect something in return

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