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Mitch McConnell Blames Poor People For Budget Problems

The United States is facing a massive budget problem as the deficit continues to balloon under the weight of the Republican tax cuts. But Mitch McConnell doesn’t think that his tax giveaway is to blame – he’s putting the blame on social safety net programs like Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. This has been the standard talking point from Republicans the second they passed those tax cuts, knowing that they’d have to slash our earned benefits in order to pay for them. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

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  1. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and went to social security to start drawing benefits. SS came back and said "sorry, you need to work 5 more years". Wtf? I paid into the system for 32 years! Even if it's a reduced rate y'all owe me some damn money.

  2. For a country that loves guns to stop bad guys…………

  3. Can we be honest. Poor people take more from the government than they pay in taxes. This doesn't make them bad people, but it does mean they are the citizens that are driving up the debt and deficit.

  4. Bitch McConnell is not the only ahole. Let's not forget that Bill Clinton AND Barack Obama BOTH tried to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid; the former was only narrowly prevented by the Monica Lewinsky trial and the latter was dissuaded by Bernie Sanders. The real problem in our country is that we have a bunch of elitist asswipes who want to send their brats to prep school (Clinton,s Obamas, etc.) and overpriced, overrated universities, dress their wives up in $10,000 gowns and $800 shoes (Obamas, etc.) and do not care about the 99%. It is NOT a Republican or Democrat thing–although the former is, of course, even worse–it's a 1% mentality. Folks, quit voting for men who buy mansions and have fashion conscious wives. Those people know NOTHING about ordinary people. There's a reason why the relatively modest living Sanders are far more conscientious about the 99%.

  5. Sounds typical neo-conservative. Rob people blind forcing them to live in a mouse hole. Then blame society's ills on the poor. Ohh, but don't call them, or compare them to fascists. Sounds almost identical to the way the old religulous kingdoms ran their scams. 'Close Your Eyes & Just Believe What We Tell You!' Or we have a way of dealing with your type….

  6. It looks like we need to get a class action lawsuit started. OR they can refund us all the money we have paid into a system that we are not going to be using.

  7. This how the French Revolution started

  8. Do I want to be poor? No I sadly don’t have a job and they don’t pay well plus they don’t extend unemployment for people who need it.

  9. Rich assholes with tax cuts and kickbacks blame the poor, sounds legit.

  10. I'm a leftist, but I'm also a fiscally responsible capitalist. You can't act like there aren't millions of people that refuse to budget responsibly in anyway. They pay a grand for the newest iPhone then complain when they don't have the money to deal with a busted tire. I see a lot of poor people that got themselves in that mess.

    With that said, there are still millions upon millions of people falling victim to our shitty system. I don't put any blame on you if you're broke due to medical fees.

  11. And yet voters keep these Lying,thieving sons a bitches in office…I am missing something here………WHY?

  12. In the old days America declared war on poverty. Now the Government declares war on poor people.

  13. Yep the Republicans are the biggest Crooks in Washington they want to keep saying the Democrats all the ones but I think I could Democrats want to help everything and not take away Medicare and use Medicare to pay for our own Medical nobody else can afford Medical Medicaid Medicare. Supposed to help pay for your medical when you're older but come on you know we need something we ain't never going to see that money we need something now tax cuts I didn't see no tax cuts on my shared I was charged more taxes and still came home with the same amount of money I came home last year on my tax return

  14. Well if that is the case well I can just exempt myself from paying any social and medicare. and then he wont have anyone to blame. if we dont pay into it then he cant complain 😀 and ill be richer since Ill have more money so I can save for my own retirement and not have to worry about social security in the future. 😀

  15. Social Security is a system and individual pays into. Medicare is actually not a system people paying to. Medicare works by each generation paying for its predecessor.
    Now if you're looking for the poor people who are drunk on the system taking up with women. Verity gray consumers so money is going from the government to women who are consuming.

  16. He better watch his step we will take his safety net

  17. Lol, complaining why someone throw food at him in a restaurant? Guess what, I would throw a rock at this mother fucker.

  18. <Joking Cynical Sarcasm below>
    Those darn poor not paying more taxes so the rich can live ultra comfortable, how dare they not fund the supper rich corporations why are they not spending more why are they only buying food and not big screen tv's!

  19. Vote these thieving liars OUT!

  20. I guess we have to make sure we cover the golf trips and his administration flying first class, buying 30 thousand dollar dinning tables, trips to Europe and more?

  21. Captain bone spurs stupid ass talking about having tax cuts for the middle class when no one is in session and he lied and said the first tax cuts were for the middle class

  22. I don't get it. They're cutting benefits that their largest voting block relies on. It makes zero sense.

  23. Mitch McConnell must think Trump voters are stupid. Why else would he push tax cuts for the wealthy first, then cut Social Security benefits later?

    If McConnell respected Trump voters he would've said "We're going to cut your Social Security benefits in order to pay for tax cuts, and the majority of those tax cuts will go to the wealthiest Americans.'

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