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Mitch McConnell Makes Obstruction Pledge

Mitch McConnell Makes Obstruction Pledge

Mitch McConnell has made a pledge of obstruction and given himself a new nickname. Cenk Uygur, Jayar Jackson, and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

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“We are having a legitimate debate about the virtues of socialism, and I don’t want you to think it’s just a 28-year-old congresswoman from New York. This is much broader than that. I’ve got five colleagues in the Senate – five colleagues running for president – who have signed on to the Green New Deal and Medicare For All,” McConnell said. “I don’t want you to think this is just a couple of nutcases running around on the fringe. This is pervasive policy view on the other side.”

“Are we going to turn this into a socialist country? Don’t assume it cannot happen,” he added. “If I’m still the majority leader of the Senate, think of me as the ‘Grim Reaper.’ None of that stuff is going to pass – none of it.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson


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  1. The idiots here in Kentucky don't care what McConnell does, so long as he says he'll protect their guns and block reproductive freedoms they will gladly continue to elect him.

  2. This near dead dog is still barking, he must be in pain someone put this old k-nine out his misery.

  3. Please Kentucky have a brighter future for your sake and vote against this piece of shit McTurtlehead in 2020.

  4. Republicans are the worst they put party before country or its people all they care about is special interest donors not the American people

  5. Show this to people who advocate for bipartisanship. The GOP is not gonna work with Dems at all.

  6. Disgusting, par for the course.

  7. The guy is the Grim Reaper he out to be wearing a robe.

  8. Remove this undead freak from office

  9. The people of Kentucky must be really, really stupid to continually vote for Mitch McCuntell.


  11. What voter in their right mind would keep voting for this clown and against their own interests?

  12. Someone run and get this Mutant Turtle out of office…

  13. Mitch the bitch needs to lose his coveted seat of power Kentucky this is on you get registered get informed and get out and vote for better

  14. Put this guy out to pasture already.

  15. why don't all these old rich ass holes retire or die already. they are trying to mold the country to their advantage ( which it already is) but they will be dead. what's the point? go enjoy the end of your disgusting lives with your ill-gotten money

  16. It's time to arrest Mitch McConnell! Lock the traitor up immediately! Just sickening and disgusting!

  17. Democratic politicians are sooo weak! Such cowards! Do your damn jobs for a change and stop crying all the damn time!

  18. This motherfucker Mitch has singlehandedly held back DECADES worth of progress in this country, and he’s up for re-election in 2020. Whoever his opponent is, even if you don’t live in Kentucky, donate to that opponent’s campaign, and offer to phonebank remotely if you can, to get this fascist turtle out of the senate.

  19. No Mitch "the human tutle" McConnell, we don't think of you as the grim reaper, we just think you LOOK like the grim reaper! And soon to be gone…

  20. You guys are acting as if Pelosi and the Dem leadership are not dedicated to obstructing progressive movements for single-payer healthcare and a living wage. Naive or simply stupid? TYT = MSNBC-lite.

  21. McConnell needs to be locked away in a dark closet until 2030. Don’t worry, no one will let him starve.

  22. Socialism for the rich and AIPAC give me money LOL

  23. Not if you lose the majority Mccuckhold! I'm voting Blue across the board in 2020!

  24. If only Democrats doesn't have to suffer on Republican stupid elected morons. Split the country easy solution. So the blue can stop paying for Republicans bankrupt state. Let them steal money from their own corrupt senator's.

  25. This lousy fraud should be in chains . This Maggot has done everything in his power to keep the top 1% of the American upper class bottom feeder's well fed & warm with new cash infusions every year . They proclaim all the great things they want for the people then flat out give it all upward ..WE the people have benefited ZERO in every instance , We have seen cuts to the USDA Snap program to the WIC program to the head start program every social program that helps people has suffered cuts while the wealthiest get more & pay-less .. They deregulate the very industry that was rife with corruption & larceny but only after they bailed them out . They speak of our huge deficit then go ahead and grant the military more spending . they then cut the taxes on the wealthiest & the Corporate tax . they claim they were going to close ALL loop holes except they did not . NOTHING but lie after lie after lie .Then they install a vile Chester the lady Molester in the Supreme court because of course we need another corrupt conservative on the supreme court .. Just how this is NOT at the top of everyone's list of things to keep talking about has got to be an intentional act . this can in no way be accidental ..The News Media act's in concert and will never announce the reality of the state of our corrupt Government .Nor the fraud they perpetrate daily …

  26. I hope he loses his seat! I wish he'd stroke out! Hes destroying this country!

  27. Really wish Mitch McConnell would pass away already… The vast majority of all these malcontents are literally from a whole other era and should just go the way of the dinosaurs already. They're clinging onto their power for dear life because once its gone they'll honestly have nothing.

  28. All hail president McConnell!
    McConnell has Trump by the balls!
    All McConnell has to say to Trump his do what I tell you or I'll let impeachment proceed!

  29. "They won't even be voted on"

    Because democracy.

  30. He is a super racist and a peice of shit

  31. Exile Mitch McConnel

  32. turtle face need to go he is sorry piece of shit he needs to go down now he did not do anything in the last 10 years all he is doing is sucking the system dry

    A. CROSS. EYED. HUMP..BACK..CHILD. MOLESTOR. A. NON….VETERAN. CLOWN DOG…. $$#//&*((((/&&&&$$!!##/^&*())))))))(&&&&

  34. Obstruction is what 'the man' accuses you of when they can't find anything else & they just want to get you. You may be happy about that, but is it fair or right? What if the power did it to you because they had no other evidence? That's bs.

  35. Vote him out!!!!!! Lock him up!!!!!!

  36. Your scared of her because she is educated,make you look completely stupid .Tells you and everyone in the Senate and Congress that you were elected to serve American people not the Rich because they give you money . Well you know Jesus's can stop you .An I hope don't protect if have heart attack , along with the one's in your circle.

  37. No Mitch ,you are an old man whose days are numbered,stop letting this fool destroy the country.Because of election fraud ,he belongs in jail.

  38. Draft dodger Mitch McConnell needs to be jailed on obstruction charges.

  39. Can someone make Mitch "disappear" please? Thanks

  40. This is how democracy dies… with laughter.

  41. I don't understand why people over 70 keep clinging to life, and are so concerned about what the future of the younger generations should look like. You don't have to leave us anything. The problems we face are up to us to solve. When you are in the grave, you know nothing; remembers nothing; care about nothing because death is the end. Don't worry about our future too much you old farts. Just don't screw it up too much while you are alive.

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