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Mnuchin, Ben Carson testify on housing finance reform

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, FHFA Director Mark Calabria and HUD Secretary Ben Carson testify before the Senate Banking Committee on the Trump Administration’s plan to overhaul the housing finance system.

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  2. the co. owners should be in jail for stealing the money. in sted they bail out .they get money from both ends.

  3. If you don't have the cheddar to buy a house it has nothing to do with racism it's about green not black if you don't have the cheddar you don't get the cheese same for getting women too.

  4. I suggest a national minimum wage, then stop giving annual raises. then adjust the cost with what people make and size of the home and make sure there is enough left over to pay the other bills. and cap it. then start creating initiatives for those who can to start building new communities within rural areas or to buy up vacant or under used spaces to convert such as empty strip malls. initiatives to rezone sections and to build infrastructure to those areas. the reason its so high is because there isn't enough to go around. the law of supply and demand need to be adhered to. either reduce the demand, deport illegals or increase the supply. with more homes there are more tax payers. figure it out. stop raising taxes and start increasing tax payers well being. there needs to be housing options for single working parents and the elderly. I also suggest when doing this that it should only require a single person working full time or two people working part time to support a family. I suggest having different types of residential classes "nieghborhoods" zoned for low income or high income. this will strengthen families. thats the only way you can fix it and have it work is to repair the actual economy that supports it. its not the corporations etc its the system itself that needs to change. simplified.


  6. do you see it from your Bar seat as your raising your sheepsTax's fool? do your job and that crap wont happen.

  7. Crash it big time bad loans , people couldn’t afford became upside down on loan.

  8. Yea, democrats, how is over priced home prices working for the poor? Are this people stupid or evil?

  9. At one point I lived in section 8 housing. People frequently were late with rent, tore up the place, & there was too much crime. When I moved into a nice community later, we voted on no section 8 housing. Needless to say, the communities that do that are clean, functioning, & crime is extremely rare. We continue to vote to keep section 8 out of our community because I came from it when I was young, & know exactly what it brings. No way are we going to ruin our community we worked so hard to get to. Stop having kids you cannot afford to take care of, & end up in a situation where you are stuck for good, then whine about the government. Stop asking for loans you can't pay back! Live within your means.

  10. this is a joke im disabled and my child under 10 is disabled my name came up for section 8 and they said since i rent a home from my 75 year old mother im denied they said you have to move if you want section 8 i guess they missed the part where i said we are both disabled i told the lady i worked my entire life until now 55 payed taxes for other people to abuse this system and when i need it later in life i have to move first ' just sad i had to pass on the help they knew i was incapable of moving, the rule here folks is dont expect help after you work all your life dont even bother waiting ten years to acknowledge you

  11. i love how trump got all these non washington scumbags i just love ben carson hopfully he'll run again id vote for him

  12. the reason ppl lost homes is lenders kept selling borrowers mortgages and then the house payments went up with new lender.

  13. This committee hearing misses what really happened in 2008. The banksters broke trust with builders. They pumped up the market and then dumped it. Many builders went broke.
    Secondly, instead of supporting the homeowners in the foreclosed homes they sold them to new homeowners at a much lower cost than they would have the original homeowners. This caused a feelings of betrayal. Thirdly they encouraged speculators, investors and flippers. The market continues to support the speculators. Get the speculators out and the market will clear up.

  14. Obama put 7 million families out of their homes. His policies were failures.

  15. Housing is a right,not a privledge.

  16. No Trump will not make it more expensive!!!! The prior administration did

  17. Done under Obama trouble! And hurting all mortgage lenders so FHA/HUD to pocket teillions of dollars not needed. Who is getting rich!!!! This needs to be investigated and someone held accountable and fixed

  18. Yes it all needs to be turned back to prior to 2008 and Obama administrations. There is no reason why FHA/HUD has forced All Americians to pay the price for their inadequatancies of MIP funds!!!! After 2008 now their charging all americians this Upfr9 t and Monthly fees f9r the life of loan. Should be illegal

  19. Ben Carson hates his own race.

  20. Central banks and fractional reserve banking will be mentioned here and Trump will not be blamed for many decades of fictional debt enabled by crony politicians lying to its victims.
    Just kidding

  21. Now recently we had alot of local city staff involved in thief of city funds caught and fined. But this part of the scam was never mentioned in the press. A last name associated once was now fined on this side but the son was never caught on this side. But I'm just seeing press ignore it and commissioners and a variety of buddy systems being hidden quick. This was done during a visit by a VIP of Washington DC and an odd cell tower appeared then all government offices of the city of Asheville was shut completely down. Mystery or hoax. Truth doesnt lie.
    I think it's time to clean up the swamp of traitors self worthing themselves off the money meant to go to relief programs. FEMA could not answer any questions in Asheville NC either.

  22. Look at the treasury funds allotted out per state for these qualifying programs for housing. Notice the amount of times contractors licensure was used. Then the actual names that did not match the licensure. The list of non profits renamed abundantly but same licensure used but questioned. Look at each development size and cost per residence. And look at qualifying individuals and their income brackets approved. Then look at how many times that same home was resold as a new structure once levied by unwarranted fees by the developers or their residential staff hired to run the association. Then look at the property perils and local city's reform once it was caught. Notice documented court cases and who handled those cases. Look who collected and where any funds taken went. Never tracked.
    Tax credits then the filing of odd numbers that didn't equal the same numbers when they sold….awhhh. Alot of risks for being ignorant. These sorts dont care. Now look at there criminal histories of their staff running the associations. It just keeps adding up. Btw many of the houses sold in these developments had locks that a nearby criminal had masters to. Homes were broken into, residents harassed. Fees levied by criminals. Yes…as the developer left the state someone kept collecting associated levied fees in another state that was never disclosed. Or taxes paid on…? Georgia. Interesting isn't it?

  23. Thank you President Trump.
    The grants under low income housing and the structure is a huge issue. Very abused by non profits that levied huge inappropriate unwarranted fees and literally stole home equity funds from home owners not following guidelines of federal programs meant for victims of hurricane relief homes, elderly and disadvantaged victims and single parent low income housing. These programs were abused by not only the lack of laws protecting the ownership thereof but allowing non profits to in fact qualify the tenant up front knowing the affordability they could not withstand during their ownership. The fees were never true in many cases but levied fees highest to gain control of once sold housing by relief grants paid in full for their own agendas of wealth. Later in fact gaining false control to resell back to the same qualifying market of no relief. Many of these types of developments were set up for failure to once again fall back into the wealth of the developer. Also they in fact failed environmental laws by building structures in areas of flood plain torn areas and never properly set health inspections of water and sewer lines. Even their plans were scamming the lot provisions for each allocation. When most of their properties were caught endangering residents by not originally compliance of new water and sewer lines. They found several of their properties with broken sewer lines running into broken water lines. In fact hooking up to old lines that would not sustain the pressure of additional homes to hook onto. I found elderly got sicker. Dying sooner. Children once healthy effected by skin disease and rashes. And in adults lymphoma and auto immune risk from the unclean provisions they developed.Storm water run off was also found causing mud slides which increased insurable risk to a much higher number than other developments. A unique risk profile was that many of these developments were built by state grants alloted and known by local commissioners to retire gracefully with capturing funds that were meant for the betterment of the qualifying individual. Yes stolen funds embezzlement. Local news would not look into this. Even though the proof was being swept under the rug by the city water department that immediately changed their position to keep from being sued. The blind eye to putting stricter standards for non profits in housing has allowed the abuse. Many developers in fact ghost contractor licensure when in fact the contractor they used never entered the site of building or being apart thereof. This was in Asheville NC area and surrounding counties. This type of thing needs attention. It was truly according to new local commissioners hands and their department because they never felt it was true. In fact when questioned they became angry and locked their doors to lines of questions. It was in my mind a buddy system of improper conduct. Thank you for your attention.

  24. Everyone in Ohio remembers that "Sherrod Brown Let Us Down"

  25. Testimonies start at 11:00. Before that are a couple of speeches.

  26. Then they need more PEOPLE living together in larger groups and family .not a problem!

  27. Go BROWN! Yes for speaking out!!!!!

  28. Bank exist because of us! Not you.

  29. Benjamin we need to get departments out
    That don't work.

  30. The people will suffer! The bank want bailout for there failure

  31. Minchin put us in this banking problems. He worked at the bank!

  32. CONGRESS No! To mnuchin.

  33. This time no more tax payers MONEY!!!!! They have not shown progress after our bail out. No more! We need to go down to come back strong. Banks are ripping us off for tax dollars.

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