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Mohenjo Daro 101 | National Geographic

Mohenjo Daro, built at the time of the pyramids and centuries before the Roman Baths, was the largest city of the Indus Civilization. Learn facts about this ancient city, including engineering feats like the Great Bath.
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Mohenjo Daro 101 | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Nat geo pls also video about keeladi (keezhaadi)கீழடி in tamil nadu

  2. My beautiful country having ancient history, Pakistan 💚

  3. Guys it's a bad story ever its so long of a king was bad!
    this story is so old!
    this is part of sindh peoples so danger my mother was say the king will do bad things with hashtags but it's so bad the king and the tower was dead in earth and peoples will get her out now her body is in glass no body was see her and this is famous story ever this is ever old but already famous this one part is died in this world from God for angry! I wish the king will not bag! I know that story and I don't see mohen jo daro but already know I wish I won't to go later!


  5. Mohen jo daro Pakistan 💚

  6. It’s Rakhal Das Banerji or Banerjee! Please spell correctly. He is from India doesn’t mean you guys can change his identity !

  7. No religion in oldest civilization….it's is very good information….they had no temple no tomb and they were non vegetarian and sacrifice the animal.

  8. My tribe is from mohenjodaro

  9. I leave near mo un jo daro. Mohenjo Daro …This name is incorrect .. mohen name is indian name . This is fake
    ..Real name is ….mo un jo daro … means … Valley of death. ..
    Mr. Channel ower
    Please correct this name.
    Geo graphics

  10. I m near to this 🙏✌️

  11. I am an indian which is my bad luck but seriously hindu extremists is one of the most major problem for any religion they are forcely convert Christians and Sikhs into Hinduism! And they are allowed to raped any girl which is not from their religion!

  12. Abrahamic religion's destroy civilization's

  13. This civilization destroyed by aryan invaders

  14. Iok should have been shown as part of Pakistan..

  15. someone should finance the Great research on decoding the symbol language of this great civilization. May be it could be a joint venture between India & Pakistan. May be we will be on good terms after knowing our common ancestors better.

  16. Mohenjodaro is no longer the biggest city of Indus Sarasvati civilization. That credit goes to Rakhigarhi now.

  17. How old is Hinduism ?
    Before India Independence, 1947AD
    Before British, 1700AD…
    Before foreign Mughals, 1500AD…
    First arrival of Chrisiyanity into India 1500AD
    Before Gurunanak Dev ji, 1400AD…
    First arrival of Islam into India 1000AD by foreign Arab, Turk Invasions.
    –(All muslims of "Akhanda Bharat अखंड भारत (India,Pakisthan,bangladesh,Kashmir)" are Hindus forcebly converted by these Invaders)
    Before Birth of Tamil king "Raja Raja Chola" who ruled 3/4th of India 900AD.
    Before Birth of ISLAM in Arabia,500AD…
    —–300AD At this time There is "No Islam" or Arabia Or Muhammad or Quran or Allah. Muhammad copied all other abrahamic religions to quran.
    Before Birth of Jesus, CHRISTIANITY in Jerusalem, 50AD….
    >>>>>>>>Gautami Putra Satakarni ….warrior King..ruled 3/4th of India…80AD
    Before Birth of Samrat Ashoka, 230BC….
    Before Birth of Chanakya,Chandra Gupt Mourya, 300BC….
    Before Birth of Alexander and Raja Puroshottam(Or King Porus or Puru) of Sindh who faught each other, 300BC….
    –(Greeks when faught with Raja Purushottam of Sindh, first time called Sindhu River as Indus River and Peopel as Indians(not British))
    Before Birth of Judaism,Abraham,500BC….
    …..(All Religions of the world disappear here ….except Hindu,Buddha,Jain )
    Before Birth of Mahaveer Jain, 600BC….
    Before Birth of Gautam Buddha, 700BC….
    Before Birth of Tamil saint "Thiruvalluvar" who saw vision of God called composed "Thirukkuṛaḷ" 750BC
    Before Birth of Greeks, 800BC….
    Before Birth of Persians, 1000BC……(Persians are not Muslims ,they are Zoroastrians,worship Agni Deva)
    –Persians are Zorastrians(worship agni Deva) called Sindhu River as Hindu and called People as Hindus(Muslims never used Hindu word first)
    At the time of "Sanatana Dharma",Veda,Vedants, 2500BC….
    "Akhand Bharat"अखंड भारत (Pakithan+Entire Kashmir+India+Bangladesh),
    the Land of Hindus(..and always will be)…Hindus(Hindu+Buddha+Sikh+Jain)..
    the story of Ancient-Hindus……Mohenjo Dharo
    Ancient Tamils started moving to South India
    ——–3500BC…..Sitll there are ancient Hindus
    ——War of Mahabharata……. 5000BC

  18. Sindh Ky Tamam Vadyon Ki Riport Dekhne ky liye hamara Chenal Subscribe karen

  19. There is ample evidence of Jainism in the Indus Civilization.

  20. We Pakistani proud of it. Indus valley civilization

  21. It's simple to understand to it's a reason why it's called Indus Valley Civilization not Pakistan valley civilization

  22. It is stupid how we are fighting on who is the owner of mohenjodaro but in true sense it belongs to mankind all humans evolved from apes we all are brothers and sisters many comments down below are wanting to see indians and Pakistanis fight that is sad because both india and Pakistan have always been influenced by others to fight among themselves there are both humans on either side
    So stop fighting 😀

  23. Pakistani people need to realize that islam is not their religion it is being forced on their ancestors… now they are blindly following it… go back to your roots….

  24. So many salty indians in this comment section

  25. The porkis could never had built this……. Sale free ke ladoo khilalo bas.

  26. This is where hinduism was born.

  27. Come to keeladi and do an excavation

  28. National geographic you are wrong the oldest civilization is in India Tamil Nadu keeladi(கீழடி)

  29. So ancient india has mammoths just like ancient egypt

  30. Its 2 mile away from where I live

  31. Pakistani = jihadi terrorists
    Bangladeshi= jihadi wannabe

  32. Indian civilisation no pakistan no muslims

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