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Monse From 'On My Block' Picks Ruby Over Cesar, Talks Beyonce Cameo, & Wild Theory For Season 3

Monse From 'On My Block' Picks Ruby Over Cesar, Talks Beyonce Cameo, & Wild Theory For Season 3

Sierra Capri aka Monse from ‘On My Block’ reveals a crazy theory about the season 2 kidnapping, why she would choose Ruby over Cesar, and wanting Beyonce to be on the Netflix show. #OnMyBlock #SierraCapri #Monse

In the final moments of the season 2 finale of On My Block, Monse and the rest of the Core Four are kidnapped. The On My Block writers hit us with another epic cliffhanger at the end of the season, leaving us wanting so much more. The major twist took series star Sierra Capri by surprise as well. “I honestly was shocked,” the 20-year-old told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “I didn’t know who had done it and now I’m just very curious to find out why someone would want to kidnap her and the rest of the Core Four.” The unknown has left fans coming up with interesting theories about the kidnapping. “I hear this one theory about Abuelita possibly being a part of something that’s gang-related and that’s why they got kidnapped ’cause I know she had a lot of information and a lot of intel about the RollerWorld money,” Sierra revealed.

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Monse From ‘On My Block’ Picks Ruby Over Cesar, Talks Beyonce Cameo, & Wild Theory For Season 3


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    He had a mysterious death… okay lol.

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