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More benefits for illegal immigrants to take effect in 2020

Former acting ICE director Tom Homan says the Department of Justice should sue New York over new law giving benefits to illegal immigrants.

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  1. stop recognising driving licences from those states

  2. Does anybody notice how New York and New Jersey is doing exactly what California did by issuing illegals licenses this is just a start they're turning New York and New Jersey into California they want to do this to all of the United States they want to turn us into a third world country or communist rule Democratic communists that's why they're brainwashing our children with socialism so once they can get one of their Democratic dictators into office he can take away our freedom of speech and our rights to bair arms

  3. Elect a Socialist President and they will get rid of Americans and America will turn into Venezuela, 95% taxes, 401K plans ripped off. Americans will seek asylum in other countries or start American Revolution #2.

  4. they should get deported that's it purge democrates in 2020 take America back.

  5. This is insane giving free benefits to illegals. The government needs to either stop or reduce Federal funding to these states or make it illegal to use Federal funding for anything involving giving illegals benefits. American Citizens should not have to pay for decisions made in states with insane Democrat politicians. Let the people who are letting their politicians get away with it pay for it.

  6. Cmon america be friends with each other!

  7. The way to stop this is for the people to vote in new laws outside of congress. It can be done and has been done. I think it only takes 35 states to pass the same law and it automatically becomes a federal law. I forget but I think it was the income tax law the last time it happened. So we don't need Cal., NJ or NY to pass new federal laws. Hell we don't even need congress to pass new laws.

  8. In 2017 with control of all 3 branches of government why didn't the republicans push new laws in about immigration and illegal migrants.It's simple they benifit from illegals working in their businesses and homes.Before you blame someone or party take a look at republicans they didn't do anything to stop it.I dont vote republican but I hate illegal immigration and white nationalist.Both are bad for America.

  9. Every benefit given to one illegal immigrant is a magnet for 100 more to illegally cross our border.

  10. Lawsuit for sure, great idea…why hasn't someone got this in the pipe already to go forward. Make all issued invalid until the Supreme Court decides.

  11. Its democrat incentives to secure illegal votes to steal the election.

  12. The California written driving test has been dumbed down to 18 questions! Used to be 40 questions that you had to study for. Could it be that CA licenses have been tailored for the illegal non-English speakers. Don't vote for anymore illegal-loving dems.

  13. the only benefit these people need is a free train ride south of the boarder

  14. Free Healtcare for illegals . . .go to California!

  15. Go to the address on the license and arrest and deport!

  16. I think that's the end game, America collapses… Just horrible!!

  17. Soros must be behind this insanity… along with the Clinton Obama dynasty!!

  18. That is their goal !!! They want this country to collapse.

  19. So Mexico took back California

  20. This should be considered treason on the states that have allowed this. Cali and New Jersey should be removed from the U.S. They should not receive a federal dime and any and all products they try to send across their state lines should have tariffs placed on them.

  21. Say what?? This is NOT right!

  22. So to all my fellow immigrants that came here the right way or are in the process of doing it the right way do you think giving those that look to jump line and throw you and your families to the back should get the privileges you are seeking without putting in the work? This is a disgrace to our country and it's law abiding citizens.

  23. 1:24 is that Ben Stiller? Night at the museum 3??

  24. I’m so tired of paying taxes to support illegal immigrants to live in this country. These people are her illegally and are breaking the law. Our health care, schools and welfare programs are suffering because theses people aren’t stoped from coming to this country.

  25. 1:24 nice suit………….
    (Who shot the bus seat?)

  26. Send them home and arrest who is doing this crap.

  27. And I’m from ny this is why I’m with trump

  28. Wow that's great Democrats snaks eating American people Tax and give to illegal immigrants wow American peoples going to homeless and illegal immigrants getting free house free medical No pay any Tax who will vote these Democrats any more they are eating USA like Termites Federal government stop all aid for CA NY NJ CT

  29. lol this is counter productive build a fence but get a driver license lol and food stamps health insurance probably even education that no reg american get

  30. This will push unstable people to react in dangerous ways I fear.


  32. That’s dumb foreigners get free healthcare while the people who live here don’t, that is bull crap, why are illegals getting benefits that’s stupid

  33. And the citizens of NYC are not burning the city because :/….

    NY full of socialist pussies
    God should throw y’all into the ocean
    And clean u up

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