Home / News / More Confusion Over Iowa Caucus Results As DNC Calls For A ‘Recanvass’ | NBC Nightly News

More Confusion Over Iowa Caucus Results As DNC Calls For A ‘Recanvass’ | NBC Nightly News

The winner of the Iowa Caucus historically is the candidate with the most state delegates, but with the final results still uncertain, Bernie Sanders and Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg are locked in a battle for New Hampshire — where the latest poll shows Sanders leading by just four points.
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More Confusion Over Iowa Caucus Results As DNC Calls For A ‘Recanvass’ | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Hahahaha. Bunch of morons! Trump 2020!!

  2. The power will go out in New Hampshire and Biden wins.

  3. DNC is corrupt. All decent minded voters in New Hampshire should vote for Sanders to teach the DNC a valuable lesson.

  4. Rep. Jackson from Texas now claiming Putin and the Russians caused the Iowa fiasco!!!!! I guess everything that goes wrong is no doubt the work of Putin !!! What a busy guy!!!!😳

  5. DNC and bizness Dems desperately need a centrist team player like Biden but without the dementia. Biden
    was a gaffe machine back when he DID have all his marbles. such a weak field. they wont let Bernie in without a fight.
    a Bernie / Trump election would mean the establishment would have no runner in the race at all. would be epic.

  6. If anything this will get more voter turnout, knowing that Mayor Cheat paid off the Caucus app "developers" to make baby's first app.

  7. Democrats can't get this right, you want these fools running the country? Trump 2020

  8. Self imploding,confused,inept Democrats !!!!

  9. Election Fraud conceived to steal Sanders momentum. NBC out here pushing a false narrative. FAKE NEWS. ENEMIES OF AMERICA. TRUMP 2020 KAGA

  10. Did someone forget to reset the vote and Hillary won again?

  11. We didn't get the winner we wanted so we better "recanvass."

  12. "Recanvass" those votes until we get the results we want. DNC

  13. There is 0 confusion over the Iowa caucus. Tom Perez and the DNC rigged the entire election and prodded up Pete Buttigieg to be the artificial winner.

  14. Sanders won Iowa by 6000 votes. Every single error made in the voting benefitted sneaky pete, who's camp includes an exec spouse of the voter app company that did the count. And Pete "donated" 42k to that same voting app company. Now Tom Perez wants to "re-canvas" using the DNC, a group that has a history of committing voter fraud agains Sanders.

  15. It's time for Tom Perez to RESIGN its clear he and Pete the cheat are fixing this election

  16. 0:24 "When you get X more votes than your opponent, from where I come from, that sounds like a victory to me!" – former Senator Hillary Clinton, Nov 9, 2016 and ever since…

  17. Sanders wins by 6000 votes even though every single error benefited sneaky Pete.

  18. More confusion i.e. more Democrat voter fraud and media bias. Andrew Yang (the math guy): “Bernie won Iowa.”

  19. So The Top 2 Democrats Trying For The Nomination Are: The Going On 80 Year Old Socialist/Communist Bernie (the old – – – ) Sanders and Pete "Light In The Loafers" Bootybuttplug. Let's Not Forget The Other 2 Fools That Also Have No Chance Of Being Elected President, Elizabeth (Pocahontas/Miss Hathaway) Warren and Of Course Old Creepy, Sleepy, Crooked, Also Going On 80 Old Joe Biden. Election Night Outcome: President Trump Gets 4 More Years and Takes Back The House, After That Mike Pence Gets 8 Years. Liberal/Elitist Democrats Are Finished Both In The USA and Around The World. Drink the "Kool-Aid" On Election Night All You Liberal Elitists. GO TRUMP !!!

  20. DNC and Stalin: both knew that who votes doesn't matter. Who COUNTS THE VOTES determines the winner. Honestly , Does Shiff have Bug Eyes?

  21. With all those chaos & problems caused by the caucus, it stands to reason & common sense that the results must be rendered useless/inutile … any other solution will not satisfy most of the candidates and the caucus participants, right???

  22. The DNC just got caught taking donations from Michael Bloomberg over 300,000 USD no wonder they changed the rules so Bloomberg could run the DNC will stop at nothing to stop Bernie Sanders from becoming President the DNC is nothing more than a organization for sale

  23. The DNC establishment will continue to "recanvass" until an establishment candidate wins.

  24. I'm sure it's all "Donald Trump's fault." 🤣

  25. The DNC tried to cheat him in 2016 and is trying to cheat him again

  26. it has to be russian interference lol

  27. So my response to all this is to mske another donation to Bernie Sanders! They are not going to stop us! I’m 67 almost 68 and I know that our goal collectively is to get big money out of politics and to endorse a candidate who we trust will be in the every day person’s best interest.

  28. Want to understand why we're told to obey and "believe in Pete? Watch "Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg – SOME MORE NEWS" https://youtu.be/DMmoB2WMMlo

  29. is new hampshire using the shady app? can they be trusted at least a little more with their process??

  30. LMFAO 😂 oh why cause Hillary won 😂

  31. Iowans….. sincerely,

    GO 🖕 Yourselves!

  32. Robbery in broad daylight! Democratic Party and Buttigieg will pay heavily for this corruption, just watch!

  33. DNC trying to cheat Bernie again with the help of US MSM.

  34. 🌊🌊🌊🌊PRESIDENT SANDERS 🌊🌊🌊🌊

  35. Contested Convention in Milwaukee July 2020. The Democratic Party is totally pathetic.

  36. Otherwise titled: "The DNC Tries To Spread More Confusion Over The Iowa Caucus"

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