More questions around 2020 Democrats’ ‘freebies’

Economist Don Luskin discusses the 2020 election and Democratic candidates’ proposed economic policies.


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  1. Wow even the signs hung behind Warren looks like your 65 yr old kindergarten teacher hung em…

  2. I haven't watched any of them past the 1st 10 min of the 1st debate.

    The plan they have is to buy votes.
    I'll pass and will be voting Trump in 2020!


  4. News flash you will never see any free stuff from the dems as they have never kept their promise.

  5. Don't forget she's also for full term abortions and praised a female who aborted her 9 month old baby cause the baby was disabled. C-Span shows all of their true agendas.

  6. Democrats are just plain nuts!

  7. I would rather live on half than give them half. Good luck finding people willing to fund their pipe dreams. I will only work under capitalism.

  8. Fake News, Fake Promises, Fake Candidates, Fake Party.

  9. Let’s be honest she is irrelevant. In few more months no one will even remember her name. This is just a noise at this point.

  10. Warren is more cringy than a bald old man lip synching "What is love" in youtube.

  11. Democrats are the biggest threat to this country today. Time to get rid of them ,  FOR GOOD.  What do people not understand when it comes to all this free stuff, NOTHING is free. Everybody will pay for it.

  12. FROM UK. Don't fall for your dems freebies scam! Our left labour did the same thing in 2019 elections and they still lost. Dems have been high jacked by far left evil criminals. What does a adult sauy to a child after sexural abuse? Don't tell your parents!

  13. Democrats want to turn the USA into a communist country

  14. There are no free cheese, ask the mouse in the cheese trap.

  15. Pocahontas What a way to get free stuff a little life that she is

  16. If any of the top four Democrat nominees was elected president in November that would be the end of our economy. We would go into a recession if not a depression, they would set this country back 15 years.

  17. Wait. I thought Warren dropped out already.

  18. Get the fuvk off my phone,,,,,…

  19. Free everything just vote me!!!! I believe @ElizabethWarren 1/1024 % USA USA USA POTUS 45 2020

  20. They would put us in a depression..not recession

  21. Dims don't need a reason to make stuff up, it's built in to their psychy! HOW TO BE A DEMONCRYPT 101: LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING! IF CONFRONTED: LIE UNTIL THE BITTER END! and this IS the bitter END!

  22. "…best times ever." Sweet Geesus! Bombing, (44,000 dropped this year), homeless, heroin epidemic, life expectancy falling, our kids learning to change channels, single parents the rule, this guy's a f——– idiot, keeping an eye on his shoe shin, and bank account; there was a 2nd chapter in his econ. 101 text.

  23. They are in the cartels pockets at this point.

  24. Our borders will be rushed if a free money candidate got elected Make Lefties Mad Again TRUMP 2020

  25. TRUMP 2020 and vote the Dems out of the house

  26. 'Gropin Joe' Biden doesn't care that every decision he would make as president would be bad for the country. Why? Because he is a very old man, and won't have to live long enough to deal with the consequences. Besides, he say's he'll only serve one term. That way the next slob will have to figure out a way to fix it.

  27. Straight up. If any of these socialist idiots get elected, you'll hear Putin telling them to tear the wall down. Some walls are meant to keep people in…

  28. Democrats have become ANTI- AMERICAN.

  29. It’s free for people who don’t want to work and illegals

  30. Thumbs down to Biden👎🏻👎🏻, super thumbs up to Bernie👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  31. So Biden taxes will be higher … Then most Democrats will make higher taxes …

  32. TRUMP proves democrats worthless and makes them cry like babies as he unwinds the failed New World Order of the UN and its open boarders , free health care for illegal aliens , which is intended to bankrupt and detroy America. All hale the end of the New World Order and welcome TRUMP in 2020!

  33. Nothing is ever free. Anybody who tells you otherwise is a con artist (in other words, a Democrat).

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