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Mosasaurs 101 | National Geographic

Mosasaurs were Earth’s last great marine reptiles. Learn about the surprising places they’d hunt, how some species dwarfed even the Tyrannosaurus rex, and how key physical adaptations allowed these reptiles to become a prehistoric apex predator.
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Mosasaurs 101 | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Some mosasaurs were larger than a T-rex, with the smaller ones being about the size of a dolphin. What intrigues you the most about these great marine reptiles?

  2. اعتقد انه قد حان وقت التفكير بإعادة تدوير الارض وتعقيمها من المخلوقات الضاره ليعيش الانسان بسلام أينما ذهب وكان

  3. Extinct marine gigantic lizards. (I don't know if I would still love swimming in the ocean knowing if this extinct animals are still there deep down the sea).

  4. Do any of you know videos/documentaries where scientists actually explain how they predict the behaviors of extinct creatures? Or how they know the skin types and body shape from fossils?

  5. its real mosasaurs? or fake?

  6. Is it bigger than megalodon

  7. Marine reptiles will be out-competed by orcas, dolphins n seals if dropped into today's oceans

  8. The Water Dragons and Sea Serpents of legend , sighted since antiquity they may very wel still live on

  9. The tylosaurs is my favorite dinosaur (even though they technically aren’t one)

  10. Finally the old Natgeo is back

  11. I have a fossilized mosasaur tooth 🙂

  12. The eyes of mosasaurus are so big…

  13. But they say we have yet to discover what's left in the sea, so who knows if they really are extinct? but then again, it's been millions years ago …

  14. Not to mention smacking and poking around Larrysaurs and Curlysaurs. NYAAAH

  15. Research is an interesting story.

  16. WTF is a sea bird, no pinguin?

  17. Nat geo you would research and view about Tamil language..

  18. I've seen that animation before… AND IT WASN'T NAT GEO'S…

  19. I like to think of Mosasaurs as the whales and dolphins of their day, only much deadlier.

  20. You don't know what happened to MH370 which was 4 years ago, so how can you know what happened million years ago?
    I will never believe revolution because it is not logic and it's not scientifically proven.

  21. Reptilian form is evil .earth water air fire .this is race war in galaxy .fkng creators.

  22. I wonder how animals are gonna evolve 2000 years from now 🧐

  23. Largest known large-bodied predator to ever exist. Megalodon was likely stubbier than its modern counterparts so it may very well have been much smaller than mosasaurs.

  24. Mosasaur is my favorite animals next to spino and chickens

  25. Oh now I know where 101 Dalmatians came from 🙂

  26. Basically evolution works similar ways for all species: sea dinosaurs were like reptilian dolphins. I sometimes wonder could there ever been dinosaur humanoids if evolution did not wipe all dinosaurs out completely and mammals were not allowed to take over.

  27. I'm a student and we learn impact.I watch for learn

  28. Look like alligator and Lizard combination… 😜 🐊🦎

  29. Jurassic World 's Mosasaur was the GOAT ..I loved it 😂😂😂😂😎

  30. I'm almost ashamed to admit that the horrific scene from Jurassic World is what drew me to hit play. 😁🐋

  31. Absolute u n i t of a creature

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