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Most books toppled in a domino fashion – Guinness World Records

In honour of World Book Day, we present the spectacular record attempt for most books toppled in a domino fashion.

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The most books toppled in a domino fashion is 5,318 and was achieved by United Biscuits (UK) in Old Windsor, Berkshire, UK, on 28 January 2015. The toppling of the books lasted 2 min 27 sec. The books used for the record attempt were the Guinness World Records 2015 edition books.

With a tough target to beat of 4,988 books toppled – a record set in March last year in Poland – the attempt would require the United Biscuits UK staff to really pull together and work as a team in order for them to take the title. The end result was that United Biscuits did achieve the record on their first attempt with 5,318 successfully toppled books – an incredible achievement considering the conference delegates had no prior practise along with the limited amount of time they had to set up the books.

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  1. Books stacked topple
    Barbie Dollar
    Halle Berry
    Jim Courier

  2. Hi…??
    Read book for learn more & more!

  3. Must have used Rosie O'Donnell's autobiography since nobody would buy that.

  4. i always wondered who was buying G.W. Bush's autobiography

  5. It would have been nicer if at least a few less people weren't filming it on their smartphones. I mean there's at least a couple hundred people there taking smartphone pictures and videos. Who really thinks they wouldn't be able to find an even better video than theirs on social media? It is, after all, called "social media" for a reason. Most professional television shows in a studio setting can get by on three cameras simultaneously filming or less. Live in the moment, people. Our lives are so short. Look at the things in front of you and witness them happening with your own eyes instead of looking at them through a tiny glowing rectangle you're pointing towards something.

  6. So, they are filming book falling?? Wow not something you see everyday.

  7. Staff at United Biscuits set a new record recently, carefully setting up and toppling thousands of copies of the Guinness World Records 2015 book! Full story > http://www.bit.ly/GWR-UB-book-topple

    For more great videos, subscribe to the GWR YouTube channel > http://www.bit.ly/subscribetoGWR ‪#‎gwr60‬

    #books   #guinnessworldrecords   #officiallyamazing   #dominos  

  8. i hope you burned those books afterwards. 

  9. +United Biscuits set a fun new record for Most books toppled in a domino fashion, using thousands of copies of the 2015 Guinness World Records book! See them fall in the video below > http://www.bit.ly/GWR-UB-book-topple

    #dominos   #guinnessworldrecords   #officiallyamazing  

  10. And each of the books had the domino world records from our team on page 111 🙂

  11. Record stupid but it's beautiful!

  12. The people in the middle of the books probably got stuck there.

  13. That's a lot of books…

  14. Imagine if someone was like "OOPS!" and touched one of them.

  15. These same adults tell kid's that playing video games is a waste of time. lol!

  16. yay. it doesn't matter who comments first or second

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