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Most Jaffa Cakes in 1 min!

Most Jaffa Cakes in 1 min!

When I woke up today the last thing I thought Id be doing is spending the entire morning looking at remains of masticated food in peoples mouths. But some would say this is the unexpectedly funny side of my job as Director of Records Management at Guinness World Records!

Although I travel around the world to ensure that the rules are being strictly followed and announce world records, today only a short cab ride here in London was required, to Kensington, where I was asked to adjudicate a record at the Metro newspaper HQ. The record was the legendary most Jaffa Cakes eaten in one minute. Metro challenged its readers to send in videos of their own attempts in a bid to qualify to try and beat the record, and were inundated with emails from wannabe record-breakers from throughout the entire UK all wanting to have a crack at attempting the difficult challenge.

The record to beat was four Jaffa cakes in one minute, and I was a little sceptical, as usual. This was because Id seen several attempts at this record recently – we even set one test attempt in our own Guinness World Records offices (although we are not allowed to hold a record for conflict of interest, we like to try them out from time to time). But of all these attempts, no-one ever beat four Jaffa Cakes in one minute and I had started to believe we had reached what is humanely possible.

I know what you are thinking: this is ridiculous, I can do more than that!.

Some people claim to have eaten up to 12! However, the rules for this record are very stringent: no drinking, you can only eat one cake at the time, and must show an empty mouth before starting to eat the next one.

The empty mouth is the tricky bit. This record is about chewing and swallowing each cake completely. Some people forget to show their mouth, or it just isnt empty. So I was prepared to see more remnants of food plastered around teeth and tongue, but I was in for treat instead!

The selected readers who decided to gamble their reputation in front of a camera had done their homework and all had their very own technique. Drink lots before the record attempt starts to induce salivation, insert the Jaffa Cake from the chocolate side to facilitate sliding, biting off the rim of the cake to use the orange filling to keep the mouth moistI am not kidding! I am not kidding! Fact is and training paid off for Andy Robinson who elevated this record to 5 without too much effort and for Paul Wilson who took this record to what I consider an unbeatable level managing to eat 6 Jaffa Cakes in one minute. Anybody cares to prove me wrong, again?

Marco Frigatti
#GWR #GuinnessWorldRecords

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  1. invite simon and see what happens…

  2. Fucking pussy furious Pete ate 17 in a minute

  3. simon is from the yogscast who are like 15th most subed they do from minecraft to random idie games

  4. simon could eat 100,000,000 in half a minute

  5. yeah simon can eat more than that

  6. Simon can do infinity in 1 second

  7. new record simon with 600000000 jaffas in a min

  8. Who said i… ffs i am not even gonna bother. When u reach at least puberty give me a whirl.

  9. Dafuq mate :S
    No you are not on sugar, you are on drugs. Fuck, your mental.

  10. Hey! Its not sugar! Its jaffa cakes….. Simon has inspired me to beat the record…

  11. and you need to lay of the sugar

  12. So you havent been on youtube in 85 years…. Of course the yogscast are popular they are F****** amazing!

  13. We should show this to Lewis and Simon.

  14. Simon then eats 1000 Jaffas in one minute, thus leaving his legacy beyond his years.

  15. 5 in 1 minute??
    Wow theyre not used to jaffa cakes. Man! I could eat 10 jaffas in 1 minute.

  16. What do jafa cakes taste like?

  17. So yogscast is pretty popular, ain't it?

  18. I bet Simon could beat em' all!

  19. sofftttttt furious pete ate 13 on his first try LOL

  20. Furious Pete just beat it.

  21. The guy who won the certificate look like a metal version of Newton faulkner lol

  22. @LordEptar Im sorry dave. Im cant let you do that.

  23. Lets see here…
    I am Dave! Yognau(gh)t and I have the balls!
    Who will reply?

  24. Simon Lane is so much better at this

  25. i did 3 and a half butt did not have a drink so

  26. simon own these noobs u are the true jaffa cake eater you probably ate that suitcase of german jaffas in one minute

  27. lol these people aren't there to participate for the record they were just hungry LOL

  28. 27 in 1 minute,im a greedy bastard,and was in a rush to catch the early train!!!.

  29. If you haven't eaten a Jaffa Cake, you have not lived

  30. Yognaught comment INVASION nyahahaha!!!

  31. I AM DAVE! YOGNAUGHT AND I HAVE never eaten a jaffa…..I hate my country

  32. simon from bluexephos will pwn these noobs

  33. Simon from yogscast should make a vlog of him eating Jaffa Cakes in 1 min:P

  34. @totodilerulz123 he has a son he's called simon junior. don't you listen to the YoGPoD?

  35. I think its more about how fast you can chew.

  36. Simon/ Yogascast brought me here

  37. That is Simon(Yogscast) or his son even tho hes does not have 1 =(

  38. ..why the fuck doesn't my shitty country sell these?

  39. Simon is already the champion!

  40. @TheVideosUnited no you didnt!

  41. Thumbs up this guy reminds you of Simon from the yogscast

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