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Most people Fire Breathing Simultaneously

Most people Fire Breathing Simultaneously

This Guinness World Record literally takes your breath away! A total of 70 people gathered at world-famous Stonehenge in Wiltshire, UK, to simultaneously blow fire from their torches on 6 September 2004. The event was filmed for Guinness World Records: 50 Years, 50 Records, televised on 11 September 2004.
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  1. what do they use for that i use corn starch

  2. How many burnt their hair there? 😀

  3. its not firebreathing!!! ITS ALCOHOL SPRAYING BEHIND A FIRE

  4. @MetalHybrid
    no, don't, it' s too easy to breathe in. Kerosine/paraffin is safer

  5. lol'ed at 2:27 the guy fail hard

  6. that's really cool i wanna learn how…

  7. Fire died after the first second. :/

  8. i say we gather every firebreather in europe at stonehenge and have them all do it at once.

  9. i know people who do it better from many people in that crowd

  10. that's what i'm saying lol

  11. couldnt any firebreather do this….just round up a lot of them and do this????

  12. i can do that with my eyes closed

  13. Anyone got a light please ?

  14. the best one was the first, other than that it wasn't bad

  15. I was there, no one got burnt.

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