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Most people riding a surfboard – Guinness World Records

Super-scaled surfboard breaks Most people riding a surfboard and Largest surfboard Guinness World Records titles. Read the full story: http://bit.ly/GWR-surfboard

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The most people riding a surfboard is 66 and was achieved by Visit Huntington Beach and the Epic Big Board Ride (both USA) in Huntington Beach, California, USA, on 20 June 2015.

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  1. Was this in California because i whent to a very simular beach whit that structure in the water about two days ago and i builted a two meter long surfer guy made out of sand so if you saw one i did it

  2. i would perfer to see the video of these people on the surfboard, it would be more interesting for me.

  3. I guess they're. Hanging 660 instead of hanging. 10 LOL

  4. oh thats how immigrants get into mainland 😀

  5. Anybody else hear New Retro Age Hippie from Earthbound in the background somewhat?

  6. Looks chilly. I hope Derek was okay.

  7. Would've been way doper if they took it on a on a wave made for that board. Like at Mavricks, Jaws or anywhere on the North Shore, Hawaii.

  8. nice seeing all the gopro footage compiled great vid !

  9. That's some big surfboard 0.o

  10. Yayay someone here near first

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