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Most Pyraminx (Rubik's Cubes) solved underwater – Guinness World Records

Most Pyraminx (Rubik's Cubes) solved underwater - Guinness World Records

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Chinmay Prabhu (India) achieved the record title for the Most Pyraminx (Rubik’s Cubes) solved underwater. All in a single breath.


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  1. i have a talent that i can do pikatchus voice

  2. I can solve 10 in 1mnt but not in underwater

  3. Time to learn how to hold my breath

  4. funny how if he released those pyramids in the air , it wouldn't go up in the atmosphere , rather fall down to the ground unlike as we have just witnessed under the water.

  5. This is a world record, with a little bit of training, i can beat it!

  6. Can anyone tell me how to swim any tips? And how to do like that guy how he stay under water for so long

  7. Bruh , normal world class cubers might can do this if they practice breathing a bit.

  8. Please remove your videos where people use curse words in the same sentence with Religious Words/Names or joke about Them or use Them as jokes

  9. And this is why India got banned from making Tik Toks…

  10. My cat turned into a dog

  11. Non-Cubers: Is that a Rubik's Triangle???!?!??!

    Cubers: … bruh

  12. Because a regular rubik's cube underwater wasn't obscure enough.

  13. legend says he's still underwater

  14. If you think about it these adults are solving a kids puzzle

  15. Im still wondering….

    How do he sit undrr water while i cant 🤔🤔🤔

  16. Dang this guy the goat! That’s a lot of cubes

  17. Patience + being smart + holding breath underwater = this video

  18. Most eating many diamonds – Minecraft Guinness World Records

  19. Did anyone else try to hold their breath with him ?

  20. Is there a record of the person who throws away too many farts? : v I have doubts about one thing that a colleague said.

  21. I saw him on a indian show he was sitting in audience

  22. Drew Brads would like to know your location

  23. Not to be picky but a few of his solves where actually quite easy and where pretty much solved.. but it’s still really impressive!

  24. *He solved it underwater 9 pyramids
    While i can't solve even 1 in my bed*

  25. I can't even do a one side of the cube

  26. Imagine Drew Brads doing this

  27. I can believe you got 9 pyraminx solved underwater.

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