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Most spins on a unicycle in one minute! – GWR JAPAN SHOW #7

Most spins on a unicycle in one minute! - GWR JAPAN SHOW #7

Each week we bring you some of the craziest records being broken in Japan. Get ready… IT’S GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS JAPAN SHOW!

The most spins on a unicycle in one minute is 127 and was achieved by Machiko Ashida (Japan) for Bikkuri Chojin Special #3 (Fuji TV) in Tokyo, Japan, on 12 March 2010.

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  1. wow, she could be a very excellent astronaut .

  2. goddaaaam i would have fell off that thing and snapped my fuckin shit up from being so dizzy

  3. that is the worlds smallest woman.

  4. how the fcuk she can stand up perfectly after did 127 spin in one minute???? o.Oa

  5. @alexdennis2 shes the smallest girl in the world :L shes like 18 or someshit

  6. id never dump my girl if she could spin 127 times on a unicycle

  7. i have to marry an asian woman!!

  8. I'm pretty sure I rolled her up once while playing Katamari.

  9. If Japan wasn't neutral, she'd probably be used by the government to create tornadoes.

  10. @alexdennis2 a beyblade πŸ˜€

  11. @alexdennis2 reminds me of yoshi in super mario with that voice

  12. gotta love those dammit japanese crazy ass shit

  13. @jake42731 alien? Its an alien from a dwarf solar system

  14. @1:31 where the fuck ami? am i high? everything is moving to the right

  15. @alexdennis2 smallest woman in the world

  16. i threw up just watching it :/

  17. 0:36 the brundle squirrel

  18. @sk8tergirl6262 Thanks, Rebekah.

  19. i wonder if i could get a record for most times masturbating in 24 hours?

  20. @MacBackwards It's one, idiot.

  21. I so want her to be on top.

  22. @BoxerBoy7777 Obviously it was, the time was sped up.

  23. @alexdennis2 It's the smallest woman in the world saying "start or go" in japanese

  24. she didn't even look dizzzy, after she finished.. holy fuck

  25. @BoxerBoy7777 It was obviously sped up, look at the seconds counter. They weren't trying to pass that off as real-time.

    They did it to save us the monotony of a few extra seconds of spinning, I guess.

  26. @RentIsToDamnHigh U said "oh snap" thats autoloss. cu.

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