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Most Unique Street Food in Taiwan | RARE Taiwan Street Food Tour – Handmade BEST Taiwan Dumplings

Taiwanese Street Food Chiayi – Taiwanese Street Food – Street Food Taiwan

Taiwan is a street food heaven. You need to visit Taiwan and it’s various markets to eat some of the Best Street Food EVER!

Some of the BEST local Street Food in Taiwan can be found by simply walking around the streets. This time we got to try our a Traditional Taiwanese Recipe for making Rice Dumplings! Southern Taiwan has some of the best street food in all of Taiwan and I’ve eaten Taiwanese food all over Taiwan, Street Food in Taipei, Street Food in Kaohsiung, Street Food in Tainan! I would also argue Taiwan has some of the best Street Food period! I’ve had Street Food in Japan, Street Food in Hong Kong and Street Food in Malaysia, I always find myself coming back to Taiwan for the best! The night markets in Taiwan have something for everyone but you can find AWESOME Street Food like this on every street corner, like these ones in Chiayi, Taiwan.

We had so much fun making the rice dumplings, eating classic Taiwanese pancakes, fresh fruit green tea, an awesome candied sweet potato, and also some delicious Taiwanese cold noodles!

I hope you enjoyed this video as it took a lot of time and effort to film and edit and include all the subtitles. If you did please share it with your friends and anyone else you know who loves to eat!

Hey there, my name’s Luke Martin! I travel in search of local Street Food! I am always on the lookout for the best most unique hole-in-the-walls and tasty Street Food snacks! I am currently doing my best to document as much of the local Street Food here in Taiwan! This usually sees me spending lots of times at the popular night markets, as well as the super local morning markets!

I’ve eaten Street Food all around the world! You can see my videos on Street Food in Japan, Street Food in Hong Kong, Street Food in Taiwan and Street Food in Malaysia!

I post 2-3 times a week mostly food, some travel.


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  1. 這真的只有台灣才有的粽子,連跟我們同宗大陸都看不到粽子,這真的要好好推廣傳承下去。

  2. 感恩,帥哥,幫台灣最底層的人介紹產品。

  3. You are sexy as hell dude.

  4. In my school in last and fifth peroids the taiwan is coming and my all friend is southing very loudly because they were vrey happy

  5. food from Taiwan is awesome

  6. envy you I wish I could just do that and let loose my food loving looooooooool

  7. So cool videos double like

  8. That looked sooo yummmm!, wish I was there

  9. 我想問一下背景的配樂有曲名嗎?

  10. 我的小時候, 北部的甜粽是沾白砂糖吃, 口感上會不一樣, 你可以試一下. 很喜歡你們的視頻也謝謝你和你的女友喜歡台灣!!

  11. Omg now want to eat some asian food now

  12. Thank you Luke, I really appreciated that. I love Taiwanese food too 🙂

  13. I Love those rice Dumplings with red bean and the steam buns with red bean I just cant get enough.

  14. taiwan`s sweet potato are much sweeter and flavorful.

  15. You look like Logan from big time rush

  16. Just got back from Taipei a few weeks ago where we spent three weeks eating our way through the city and country side!! Amazing foods at the night markets, great restaurants with foods from Taiwan, China, Japan and Malaysia…. not to mention the fresh seafood at the sea side restaurants…. of course I did get a hot dog at Costco Taipei!!!!

  17. absolutely love your narratives but please either turn down the music or leave it out all together, other than that you did a fantastic job.

  18. It would be nice if you could inform the price and may be some information of the shop's name which is you recomended.. 😀

  19. rice milk is something in Mexico too "orchta"

  20. Don’t ever lose your Canadian accent! Adds to the character of your videos!


  22. 5:20 "我會上youtube喔~omg~" I am dying lol

  23. 5:20 the guy outside the shop is telling the working lady that you are the guy filming in the traditional market. Then the lady said, "so, am I gonna be on YouTube?! Oh my god!" Lady 2, "Oh my god!"
    I guess you are kind of famous already for the locals. lol

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