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Most watermelons smashed with a punch – Classics

Most watermelons smashed with a punch - Classics

Watch how this Italian boxer shatters the Guinness World Records title for most watermelons smashed with a punch in one minute.

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The most watermelons smashed with a fist in one minute is 70 by Davide Cenciarelli (Italy), achieved on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, on 18 March 2010.

According to official guidelines, all watermelons must be cracked open by the judge/witness after the record attempt. Watermelons deemed successfully broken will be those which can easily be split in two by the judge responsible for counting them. The watermelons must be split at least half way round their circumference, either sideway or length way.

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  1. Imagine those Watermelons with heads of humans!

  2. nO waTeRmeLoNs wEre haRMEd mAkInG tHis viDiO

  3. Waste of food is not required we have to stop this

  4. I can break a watermelon with my head!





  5. That could be my face right there…

  6. i will not eat watermelon in front of this man….😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Man, that was a lot of watermelons wasted LOL😂😂

  8. He only smashed one watermelon with a punch.

    He smashed multiple watermelons with multiple punches though..

    Probably would have gotten more if he was more efficient in the way the people were positioned, instead of always having to rotate his entire body. Just saying

  9. My that's a lot of produce gone 🙁

  10. Expect punching That watermelon If it Gave To the poor And hungry people Than They can eat ! Think it Man😒😒😐😐

  11. Try that with coconuts, douche!

  12. imagine the punch went tru te wmelon and hit the dudes Who holdin it

  13. pfff,..what a joke iam 101% sure i COULD,..do much much better but then……WHY 4G-Dsake ????

  14. The white shirt guy looks like Big Show(but its not)

  15. sayang yh semangkanya…
    mending di kasih sama saya….wkwkwk

  16. why are there smashed melons on the blue mat as well as on where they perform the stunt on the red one– did he try the first lot as a try out and then go for the real deal and how many melons were smashed on the blue mat before the red?

  17. these wasted watermelon can be given to poors

  18. If you say children in afrika could've eaten those watermalowns that would be racist so nothing you can do now huh?

  19. Los niños de África se podian haber comiedo esas sandias

  20. Imagine if he punched the face of the people holding the watermelon…

  21. Childrens in sfrica couldnt have eaten those melonswater

  22. kids in africa could've eaten the crew

  23. wtf just wasting the food this should be the most watermelons wasted in 1 minute fools idiots

  24. Lol not even hard, doesnt take much force to burst a watermelon. Guy who split coconut with 1 finger is a legend, that is something the average person or even trained person can not do

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