Home / Tech / Motorola confirms its foldable phone is coming | Engadget Today

Motorola confirms its foldable phone is coming | Engadget Today

Motorola confirms its foldable phone is coming | Engadget Today

A company exec says Motorola has “no intention of coming later than everybody else in the market.”

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  1. due this summer? this phone was first announced a year ago as of last week.according to all the articles about it towards the end of last year, it was supposed to come out last month. big disappointment so far. I hope they're using this time to make sure t has every upgrade to make it comparable to other foldables or it might be obsolete upon release.

  2. Now this is my phone! Can't wait!!!!

  3. If someone wants to take down all the competition and be number one in phone industry they need to thinking about 4 way folding phone. 2nd upcoming technology would the integration of projection/gesture touch on folding phone. Where user can project output of screen to wall or any white surface and interact with phone using gestures.

  4. Motorola doesn't make phones anymore ,this Motorola just a brand name,the Phone is made from Lenovo or something which is a trash company

  5. And it would make more sense to call this a 'formidable phone' unlike the others which seem more like a foldable tablets

  6. I want a tiny phone that folds out to a regular phone then slides out to tablet then converts to a flat screen tv then converts to an IMAX screen plus a decent battery

  7. motorola is a Chinese owned brand now

  8. I remember the Motorolla RAZR back in mid 2000s, thats one sexy looking flip phone. And now its back!

  9. Legendary razr is back in New looks

  10. ahhh the razer from 2022 instead of 2002

  11. This is what i'm always thinking all time

  12. Man, Motorola design from then to now is so obvious just looking at the drawing without any labels you know that it is Motorola's phone.

  13. this make more sense than the other design

  14. It seems that every phone company will release their foldable phones. But I think that how long the foldable can be accepted by many customers. Another problem is the foldable phone must expensive.

  15. Nice host she is. But so manly 🙄

  16. I would LOVE a new Razr to come out like this. The concept art I've been looking at makes me drool. Personally, even if Motorola came out with a refresh on the 2013 Moto X I'd be so happy. Moto Maker made the phone my favorite phone of all time even still my favorite phone of all time above the Pixel simply because of its quality of life improvements it made to the stock Android experience. When the 2015 moto x came out I upgraded to that but was very disappointed by the much larger display and the fact that they revamped moto assist, and by revamped I mean removed smart toggles. But yeah do a modern refresh on the Moto X 2013 with front firing speakers, I'd even settle for a notch to fit those speakers, and make it screen top to bottom. I'll be happy with that, OH AND MOTO MAKER PLEASE!

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