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MOVING INTO MY NEW APARTMENT | November 30th, 2016
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Tomorrows Video – https://youtu.be/YzDMyIqFGkI

Erik Conover Video Blog 507: Moving into my NEW APARTMENT in NEW YORK CITY!! And jumping on a flight to LA for a 36 hour trip



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Canon G7x
DJI Phantom 4 Drone

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  1. Your dad is so sweet for driving you 🙂

  2. excuse me sir, can you make a video where you are mad, thanks

  3. i am going to school to become a cop i am on my 11th year of high school, but i am scared to go all the way to NYC…do you have any suggestions for me to make it on my own in NYC

  4. How are you affording an apartment in NYC? Saved money or does YouTube revenue really cover that?

  5. Your mom is so sweet. U know how a guy is going to treat u by the way he treats his mom 😊

  6. again bubba is a start and your mom is awesome. cool family

  7. I think this is my second time watching this

  8. Good stuff! Glad to see you made your flight!

  9. ERIK!!!! Literally love your videos! x #BLESSED

  10. omg your dad's flyers sweatshirt. is he super pumped about the 5 game winning streak?

  11. Yeh mother conover definitely deserves a break somewhere!
    A lot of people have no idea how physically and mentally taxing it is at times.
    I'm currently spending the last month of my rotation in a physical rehab and work with PTs and OTs on a daily basis. It's physically exhausting. And it doesn't help that sometimes you have grumpy patients lol
    Anyway mother conover, keep the positivity! I hope you get the break that you deserve. 😀

  12. You cannot be filming this vlog on a canon ?????? The quality is amazing

  13. I'll be waiting to see the apartment tour , the view is GREAT

  14. Very random but you don't look like the type of person to have blue eyes just an observation lol. Also your parents are really sweet!

  15. Hey Erik , i don't know if you will read this but i just wanted to say this and not keep it in.I follow you since you started your blog and it has been a long road and soo many ups and downs since the day you moved to New York. However seeing this blogs and seeing how much your life has changed(for better mostly) gives me hope in life. You are such a positive person and I know how hard it's to be positive in these days, so I applaud you for that, for being such an amazing person and for having such a kind soul…and for being a motivation for sooo many people… I don't normally comment on videos, I even think this is the first time I do it,but I just wanted to let you know how much I admire you for everything you have achieved…cheers from a Lebanese girl who lives in London and wishes to MAYBE meet you one day

  16. im a physical therapist too and love what i do! next time you travel to Europe please come to Portugal;)

  17. Dude I just discovered you and I love you already… I've been dying to move to NYC and now I just want to more..

  18. I'm so happy for you!!! What an exciting new chapter!!!

  19. Your mum and dad are so lovely.

  20. Erik Conover That bedroom view is so ridiculous, you must feel like Bruce Wayne, soo soo jealous you lucky boy.

    Very exciting :))))) Sweeet apartment, congratulations :))

  21. Omg I love that view. I love the view of buildings.

  22. Love your videos what will you do instead from January 2018?

  23. Your mom is adorable and your dad seems so nice.You are very blessed to have two amazing parents!

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