MTP Compressed: Battle Over Witnesses Continues Ahead Of Start Of Senate Impeachment Trial

Minority Whip Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) talk impeachment in exclusive interviews. Plus, Meet the Press travels to Milwaukee County, Wisc. to talk to African-American Democratic primary voters about which candidates they’re supporting.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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MTP Compressed: Battle Over Witnesses Continues Ahead Of Start Of Senate Impeachment Trial


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  1. maybe chuck todd should go full on climate change consensus commander if this stunt doesnt bring the mueller time promises or the dr ford flopped praise. just kinda take whats left of the leftist liability circus and push for something snl already sponsors without any specifics. take the party of beto and biden and chief warren and complete its transition into a media managed spectacle. commander todd presiding.

  2. Corruption is everywhere in America. They should start with City Attorney Jennifer Logue being the aggressor against my Hearing Officer in Oakland and having the corrupted Judge give me the restraining order. Jennifer Logue definitely stated that my Hearing Officer cannot give sanctions and fines. A settled Civil order that was acknowledge way before her corrupted behind got involved. That's the kind of annoyance these Courts and the Government causes everyday.

  3. Completely insane actions.

  4. It's a shame the MSM don't know anything about the Constitution and how the impeachment process works. They just keep following only what the Democrats are saying. The House is the ones that bring in the wittnesses (which should have been all from both sides – which wasn't), then the Senate reads everything that the House finds out through their investigations. If the Senate finds that more needs to be questioned, they will call who they need. The House has NO say so on how this process is done. The Constitution and the rules of the Senate takes presidence are in charge. Oh yes, both Biden's are relevant in this impeachment….. wasn't it the fact that President Trump supposedly wanted the president of the Ukraine to investigate what the Biden's were doing in that country!

  5. Fair? The democrats were not fair themselves! Chuck Todd you tool and the biggest dirt bag of all.

  6. You would think if liberalism was so popular then sites like this would have thousands and thousands of likes but……..the dislikes always seem to tell the truth of whats "REAL" with the viewers. Trump is going to win HUGE in November and these blind *ss-hats are going to be shocked. Again!

  7. Biden isn't getting the nomination.

  8. Where were the witness in the House of Representatives ?

  9. The house already called its witnesses, there is no longer any need the hear more witnesses, it is the job of the Congress to rule on the existing testimony.

  10. Biden is toast! Bank on it!

  11. “ He’s been indicted “ lmfao
    Trump’s been impeached…
    He’s got a full cabinet in prison! This is where they draw the line 😆 they really think we’re that stupid, don’t they

  12. Woodchuck your show is toast.

  13. No battle over witnesses, call who you want. Then Trump team calls lying pelosi, lying schiff, corrupt joe and son. Should be a automatic acquittal if either refuses to testify under oath

  14. Look i get it. white people think they should be above the law.

  15. Burn down the Lamestream media… they're hopeless..

  16. A fair trial lol.. if it were fair in the House this wouldn't have gotten to the Senate..

  17. I peed my name in the snow from the storm we just got

  18. Wait what about Russia Russia Russia Mueller Mueller Mueller

  19. Mitch McConnell needs to recuse himself he already fully admitted he isnt non partisan

  20. Someone heard something, somewhere, from somebody…

  21. Isn't it amazing that all of the people who were unconcerned about the unfairness in the house are suddenly very interested in a fair trial in the Senate??? Hypocrisy and demorrhoid's go hand in hand.

  22. What battle? It’s in the senate now. Senate didn’t run the house when they were impeaching

  23. What a joke Dump will be reelected and never be punished

  24. So blacks are suppose to vote for Biden because he has a black running mate!!! Once again proving that the Democratic party expects the black vote regardless of what they are offering us.

  25. I totally agree with you, sign me up. 🙂

  26. Feel the pain deepstate 😂

  27. How many times has Biden lost? This will be another loss , He will not win the presidency. I bet anyone here $1 trillion ! I will never vote for a pedophile !

  28. What you mean is the Senate needs to vote as the Democrats want, fair, not at all

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