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MTP Compressed: Bernie Sanders Surges As Moderates Fail To Coalesce Around An Alternative

Jon Ralston, editor of The Nevada Independent, joined Meet the Press to break down the results from the Nevada caucuses, and House Minority Whip Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) looked ahead to South Carolina. Plus, Marc Short, Chief of Staff to Vice President Mike Pence, talked reports of Russian election interference in the upcoming 2020 election. Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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MTP Compressed: Bernie Sanders Surges As Moderates Fail To Coalesce Around An Alternative


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  1. Bernie will be the best president in modern US history. Finally a president who will take care of the poor and middle class people. Let’s all feel the Bern 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Well Bernie Sander's just told Anderson Cooper that he doesn't know where every nickle and dime to pay for his FREE FOR ALL will come from. Not to worry since the brilliant AOC crunched the numbers, and now has it all figured out. Man I love this woman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8DxohVot08 God Bless America !

  3. Non of the Moderates wants to drop out that gives Sanders the nomination

  4. South Korea's Moon Jae-in is going to break the country.

  5. Bernies hero is the murdering dictator Fidel Castro of Cuba, go figure!!!!!

  6. #DNC #MSNBC crunches the numbers & claimed that if presidential candidate #Bernie wins the Democratic nomination, the #demoKKKrats will lose (49) states to #TRUMP2020

  7. neither party has solved the problem the media is contend to make money from it

  8. Let's hope that others aren't as salty as the Bernie fans were the last time Bernie ran. Those Bernie-bros stayed away from the polls or voted for Trump because they were all up in their feelings. Spouting conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory about why he lost. I don't like Bernie, never have. But we can't take 4 more years of the Commander in Thief, so I'll probably hold my nose and vote for him. If only the Bernie-bros had done the same last time…

  9. Great! Maybe Bernie can buy a few more mansions with taxpayer money!

  10. Fake news media still broadcasting the Russia hoax

  11. Democrats are an absolute mess. That is what happens when you lie for three years about Russia and Trump. It’s what happens when you spend all your time trying to oust a president rather than build on your merit.

  12. 92% of wall street traders, 88 % of fortune 500 companies, and both liberal and conservative economists are predicting an immediate and drowning recession if Bernie get's power.

  13. "…As Moderates Fail To Coalesce Around An Alternative"

    Blaming the voters again I see.

    Maybe we are sick of your "alternative."

  14. Ah poor Chuck Todd. Are you sad that Bernie Sanders is going to be president? Well deal with it.

  15. Voters will be coming out in droves this Saturday to hand BERNIE the SC win 😊🇺🇸🤙

  16. NBC You're literally interfering with our elections by pushing conspiracy theories. I sure wish NBC quit putting people on their air that push conspiracy theories about Russia helping Bernie Sanders.

  17. Chuck Todd: I think I’d rather vote for Trump because we both act like petulant children when we don’t get our way 👶

  18. Chuck Todd is a f**king liberal hack, not a true journalist.

  19. I know, lets raise a generation or two of radical leftists. What could go wrong?

  20. Bernie Sanders the admitted communist is working with Putin to overthrow America.

  21. Fire Chris Matthews, and take Chuck Todd with him.

  22. Bloomberg is right that the real Democrats should unify rather than disperse the vote among five candidates. If Sanders wins, America loses.

  23. Bernie Sanders will Win it all!!!!

  24. Russia Trump will be re-election, Moscow Mitch has made it so!

  25. I'm for Bernie but think Trump is right about Russiagate 2.0

  26. The only candidate interested in taking money out of politics is Bernie Sanders – Now he’s plummeted all the way to a commanding 1st place! If only he was more “electable” like Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden 🙂

  27. Less big government in 2020🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  28. I love it Democrats squirming over the monster that they have created

  29. Chuck Todd opens his mouth = down vote..

  30. Chuck was the one saying "how is Bernie the front runner" lol

  31. Every day the same crap: "why is Joe Biden losing?" Instead of "why is Bernie winning?". You can't spin enough to make me want Biden or some CIA plant

  32. Bernie is the only option

  33. Democrats openly hate America and American values. The openly spit on the Constitution and the flag. Trump 2020. 🇺🇸

  34. —- > Chuck Todd joins Trump and the Russians in calling the media "fake news".
    Fire Chuck Todd.

  35. If Bernie does not become President, I think he should start his own brand of hot dogs , sander's progressive wiener's

  36. CNN so salty 🤣😂🤣😆

  37. Why is Chuck Todd doing Meet the Press anyway…he is nowhere near Tim Russert as a Journalist….just stop it already

  38. Saunders is the first candidate to have both Fox and CNN against him. Of course, CNN is more subtle about it. But if people still cared about what the media said (Fox excluded, they're the voice of God), Trump wouldn't have become Americas future dictator.

  39. NBC interferes with the election on a daily basis. NBC is a disinformation campaign.

  40. South Carolina, another W for Bernie.

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