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Mueller Report: Trump Thought His Presidency Was Over!

Mueller Report: Trump Thought His Presidency Was Over!


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  1. You where so tik tok in january about Trump is guilty. You left fucks are so stupid. Trump 2020 are going to give us 4 more years of humor of you guys . For he is going to win! You have lesser views than a youtuber with 100.000 subs. That says a lot. LOL!

  2. Some time ago i commented on one of your videos about how dumb it was to think that Muller would let Barr lie about his report. ( It just seemed incredible to think that would happen) …. nevertheless you we’re right and i was wrong.

  3. remember that time ana called you fat and told you to get off the stage? that was awesome

  4. that isn't the context KEEK

  5. So you hate me and Trump πŸ™…πŸ‘€.

  6. Hey carl, or cenk, whatever your weird name is, you need to start eating better man. you look like sh1t. your co host called you fat behind your back. ill post the video if you want

  7. I remember when the young Turks were young and Turkish. Now they are just old and jurkish

  8. The FISA abuse and the "unverified dossier" will be the next thing under investigation by the DOJ. Indictments of those who were involved may follow. We will see.

  9. This greasy brown buffalo is pissed! all his hard work disenfranchising America and telling lies to his audience for the past 2.5 years has all been flushed down the toilet. Cenk exposed! Cenk "iiiimmmm Mmmmelting…"

  10. Cenk = delusional! Cenk/TYT is verbal diarrhea!

  11. The Great Brown Buffalo has been telling us for 2 years Trump " colluded " with Russia and now he's calling Trump a " hypocrite " bwhaha anyone who relies on this fake news is an idiot

  12. Its been 2 years 6 months and Cenk has been absolutly WRONG every single time about every single thing involving Trump. The TYT audience must love the suspense and excitement without any results. Jester orJournalist IDK.

  13. Ok, so the Mueller report suggests that the scope of the investigation was limited. But the Rosenstein authorising document, in addition to the overall remit of investigating coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, does also state "as well as any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation". I'm just asking, but does anyone think that Mueller was 'happy' that the investigation was limited or intentionally didn't investigate other potential crimes, which he ultimately passed off to other prosecutors? Why didn't he request the scope of his investigation be expanded? Ken Starr's original Whitewater investigation was expanded to include perjury and obstruction of justice by Bill Clinton.

  14. Prove that he's a guilty? Haha haha. Die cenk. Soon

  15. Is Cenk using a selfie stick for this video? How annoying.

  16. Cenk has an incurable case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. The man is in deep denial, not only about Trump but about reality itself. His ego requires him to double down on his past delusions because to admit he has been completely wrong for the past two years is too much for him to accept. The New York Times has issued an apology for its past two years of deceiving the public about Trump and has called on other journalists to do the same. Unfortunately I don't think Cenk will be doing that anytime soon (or ever). Cenk hasn't read out the full paragraph about Trump claiming 'his presidency was over'. The full paragraph says that Trump said that he had been told by experienced politicians that these type of investigations drag on and on and cripple a presidency and prevent it doing its work; that was why he was despondent. Cenk is not only crazy but he is now actively lying to protect his shattered ego. As for the 'evidence' of obstruction, these include being angry about a witch-hunt being carried out against him (proved true) and firing Comey for lying to Congress and for illegally taking notes of private conversations with the president and leaking them to the Press. Mueller who had all the 'evidence' for two years refused to make a judgement on obstruction (basically because he knew there wasn't any). Why would Congress be able to make a better judgement than Mueller? But Mueller's remit from the beginning was to cripple Trump's presidency and leaving the Democrats room to keep a conspiracy going was Mueller's way of allowing that to continue.

  17. LOL at the anti-tyt posts

  18. If Trump is so stupid why isn't he indicted?

  19. Cenk you're a liar or you're getting dementia. You were ecstatically bragging when you cited articles saying Mueller's team was looking into all of Trumps finances, including up to 15 year old transactions. Manfort is in jail for financial dealings that took place 10 years ago. I'm quoting cenk; "tick, tick, tick, tick". Ring a bell? Are you lying or forgetting?

  20. Firing people is not obstruction. You're really reaching. Firing someone is not murdering someone

  21. Mr. Mueller is a great man of honor. And I respect his work. But I believe the president and his affiliates are more involved than the report suggests.

  22. Why does this matter? If there are no indictments the report is inconsequential. It's a non story

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