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Mueller Speaks! He Says He Did Not Exonerate Trump!

Mueller Speaks! He Says He Did Not Exonerate Trump!


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  1. This reminds me so much of Jon Snow… Acting on principle is what destroyed Kings landing..

  2. Impeach the mother fucker. Period.

  3. "We have no evidence and my investigation came up with absolutely nothing–but please, please; I'm still relevant!"

  4. I want him impeached big time. I cannot wait to watch the impeachment fail magnificently and get trump re-elected

  5. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

  6. It wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

  7. Meuller drops turd and fucks off.

  8. It looks like the investigation is for fools. Donald himself speaks openly about the assistance of other external forces in the election. Now we need an investigation that will investigate the investigation. What Miller missed and at what point he was denied. When Miller read the investigation, there was a lack of information and a noticeable fear.

  9. Chunk is so desperate at this point if he went to a desert the vultures would land on him

  10. Democrats are too busy stealing and covering up their own crimes.

  11. The Clintons made tens of millions brokering the Uranium One deal. The facts are simple Hillary and co made tens of millions working with the Russians, without even touching on Bills role in boosting a bankrupted Russian empire reclaim relevance. Yet all you can hear a LEFT WING retards screaming obstruction at a president who had no control over the investigation he supposedly obstructed. I hope Trump destroys the leftist hiding within our government…

  12. Having a "Speaker of the House" and "Senate Majority Leader" puts too much power into a single person's hand. McConnell can essentially block any legislation and appointments just by himself and Pelosi can block any starting legislation and checks and balances towards the executive branch.

  13. Exoneration is not his job, in America you are born exonerated until proven otherwise. No collusion, no obstruction.

  14. mueller is weak enough to allow the retarded right to distort what he says to his retarded base

  15. If trump becomes president 2020, Pelosi is to blame. She is a useful idiot

  16. Cenk, you're a lawyer. Tell us how Trump could obstruct or interfere with an investigation he had total legal control over.

  17. Bullshit! The Democrats in the house who are smart enough to tie their own shoes and go out without adult supervision know that Trump had ultimate control over the entire Mueller investigation. He had the legal authority to halt it, to tell Mueller what he could and could not investigate and to control every aspect of it. He did none of those things because he knew there no Russian collusion by him or his campaign. He knew they would find exactly what they found, nothing. That's why all the impeachment talk is just political bullshit, something they excel at.

  18. Anyone who read the report knew this

  19. They cant frame a person then make that person prove he was exonerated from their entrapment, especially if the set up is still active. And what's with the OIG finding out FBI officials violate laws, but declining to prosecute. What is Law Enforcement, when it doesnt Enforce the Law ? But with President Trump the Special counsel found he was/is falsely accused of committing a crime, but people want to prosecute him anyways. This is the world Anti Trumpers want to create for themselves . . .

  20. I feel like dodgy republicans would rather Pence… so they would have to hurry up before the 2020 election…
    Unless they plan to use Trump to try win the election, then they might kick out Trump by turning on him, then using Pence for the next full 4 years…

  21. They couldn't prove a crime.

  22. 2020 TYT election meltdown. The world will be watching.

  23. It's a bad move to impeach Trump. It won't work. It will fail in the Senate. We'll lose Democratic seats in the House. Trump will keep the Senate and get reelected in 2020.

  24. If a Trump "co-conspirator" were convicted of obstruction of justice, that would mean Trump is a criminal, successful impeachment or not.

  25. Ya fat idiot. They couldn't prove a crime.

  26. Cenk, if you doesn't always do endless videos while working out you will be more successful at losing weight.^^

  27. Mueller couldn't get Trump after two years of investigation so he tried to cause trouble on the way out the door.

    All Mueller did was give you guys enough rope to hang yourselves. So go on then… impeach him.

  28. Thanks muller for not getting cucked by publicans

  29. Chunk, what part of “Could not conclude he committed a crime” do you not understand, you fat baboon? There are no indictments. You lost. You’re just lying about what Mueller said now.

  30. Is it safer to impeach before the election or after (if he wins). Because either way the Trump cult is going into mob mode. They want war. If he is impeached before then Trumpers will say we were scared he was going to win. If he is impeached after winning the election then Trumpers will say we're trying to overtake the country. If he is voted out then what's to stop him (if he's free) from starting a revolt?

  31. Time to get RID of that policy. It contradicts the principle that no one is above the law .

  32. So much collusion so much obstruction!

  33. & those republicans in the Senate will NEVER have any shame and succumb to pressure. Never.

  34. Only Nancy Pelosi? ! Yo Cenk. You've been clamoring about the 25th ammendment. What about the cabinet? ! Don't gimme that only nancy pelosi crap!

  35. The bots and alt righters see a cenk post and they go frothing at the mouth in DROVES. Immunize your incels, folks, this has been an IPSA.

  36. He is saying it is up to congress, let it play out. He is also saying I don't care what the result is either way not my problem. The speaker will have to make a decision very soon, actually now. The law is clear. The problem is impeachment will fail as you will never get a two thirds majority. It will also waste time and resources. Additionally Trump is betting on impeachment and its failure as a 2020 platform. The full report needs to be released without redactions. Without that, the interpretation is that the SC did a poor job.

  37. Can't believe people listen to all this garbage. The audience here seems a bit slow.

  38. Can Drumpf start calling Nancy "Gutless" Pelosi? Lord knows I hate his stupid nicknames and find the one he calls Elizabeth Warren disgusting but WTF NANCY??

  39. you'll never get a conviction on an impeachment. so why bother?

  40. Robert Mueller’s has a cute voice…🌹

  41. You're reaching everyday and sooner or later you're going to eventually have to stop. Cenk your pet project AOC is as stupid as you guys at TYT.
    TRUMP 2020

  42. Cenk…you are a disgrace…calling the POTUS a motherfucker. Be careful…you reap what you sow pal.

  43. need to put "impeach the m-f'er" on red ballcaps, turn that MAGA hat on its head and take back red ballcaps from trump and his ilk

  44. I think it's time for justice Democrats, to start looking for someone to primary Nancy Pelosi

  45. Cenk wears his hat wrong.

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