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Mui Smart Display Hands-on: Get on board

Mui Smart Display Hands-on: Get on board

We first saw Mui’s natural-material smart displays at CES, but the company is back at IFA with a few new product ideas. In addition to the horizontal wooden plank they debuted with, they’ve not got a vertical model, and a canvas concept device. All these smart displays use LEDs and touch sensitive sensors to interact with either your finger or a Wacom active stylus.

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  1. I misheard it and heard he said MiUI. Xiaomi OS on their android phone.

  2. Smartwood, really!? It could at least have speakers on it so I don't have to use multiple devices. Smh. Cool idea…I guess

  3. This guy stands up straight as if he is pregnant.

  4. Did you know that every time you repeat the first second of this video continuously, that snare would start to sound like it’s actually saying either “OH S**T” or “OH SHOOT!” The more times it’s repeated?

  5. Had a clock for about 7 years now that has LED's behind a thin faux front of wood that shows the time, temp and activates by a clap of your hand. This product is just a evolution of that device except with a vastly higher price tag.

  6. So this is basically a Google Home Hub but on a piece of wood and without audio? 🤔

  7. as soon as he said LINE, i was like naaaah, this ain't goin in my home. NO NO NO

  8. I want touch controls on my pillow 🤩

  9. 日本語対応なんですね!

  10. Imagine if this would the dashboard of your car, would it not be nice instead of a head unit with a screen with knobs, buttons, or dials?

  11. As much as I like this technology’s concept, hoping this particular model doesn’t take off as it’ll encourage people to pronounce my last name wrong. 😛

  12. We are officially in the future gentleman.

  13. This looks so cool. It will be perfect for kitchen tables, bedside tables, desk setups, etc..Technology continues to pleasantly surprise me…

  14. It's neat! I want it!
    But Riley told me not to preorder anything 🙁

  15. Turn this blue if you love Engadget ❤
    👇(I'm gifting my next 10 Subscribers)🤩

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