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Multiple Cases Of White Supremacist Violence Linked To One Neo-Nazi | NBC News Now

NBC News’ Anna Schecter and NBC affiliate KUSA follow the rise of a neo-Nazi in Colorado who has been linked to multiple cases of white supremacist violence by foreign intelligence officials.
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Multiple Cases Of White Supremacist Violence Linked To One Neo-Nazi | NBC News Now


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  1. Make Soup Kitchen Great Again 😂

  2. And they want The Hebrew Israelites on the same list as these thugs. The blasphemy.

  3. Why do they always sound like a mentally challenged person.

  4. I want the same only for blacks ✊🏿

  5. Rise up and vanquish all those who would oppose this Neo German Ideology.
    Pure German citizens should never forget the atrocities of the Russo-Slavic invasion and domination.Smite all those who stand in opposition of you and your brethren. For this is your homeland ,your pride and your heritage ,that you should herald this new awakening and move forward to retake and return to the once glorious and destined future promise of superiority among the ruinous devious inferior peoples that try and hold you back from your true destiny.

  6. Freedom of speech the FBI and everybody else hates it when it’s not what they want to hear I definitely do not endorse this fool but that’s a fact.

  7. He mad about the shooting but white boys doing the shooting

  8. Why the neo-nazi,ws and kkk not label as terrorist and exterminated

  9. these national socialists, smh

  10. Wow, a domestic terrorist that's on government assistance!

  11. Oooooh….5 murders in 2 years, I'm so scared! G.T.F.O.H.!

  12. Whites will eventually be running the world again😎

  13. But if a black man is in the soup line he is considered a bum

  14. He IS a part of that group. But when youre "white/Red," you get away with this wickedness!! Let that be a "black" man, he wouldve been put UNDER the jail, with no chance of ever seeing sunlight for decades!
    We are punished FIRST, before everyone else.(Amos 3:2" You only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.")
    So, WE gets punished FIRST. Their punishment comes AFTERWARDS!!
    (Obadiah 1:18 "And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it.”).
    Did u notice he was standing in front of one of those Satan stars at the start of this video?. No surprise there

  15. good job giving him a platform

  16. When you guys say people do you mean only black people, cause if you do then we must be Israelites

  17. I hate white people bro lol

  18. People like this make Germans look bad.

  19. Strange, he's in section 8 and in soup lines and none of the minorities around him have done anything to him yet?


  21. Those same evil minded young men join the police force

  22. How long until conservative Americans start embracing ISIS ideology?? They love nazi Germany…

  23. This is a traitor to the U.S.A. yet he walks around plotting to destroy America within.

  24. Let's see how they fair against ISIS 🤔

  25. if he was a black panther or black nationalist the feds would of been over them like flies over crap

  26. he is one of life's loser's and we people of color know what to do arm yourselves to the teeth and if these WS want to get funny blow there heads off simples fight fire with fire no mercy

  27. Another Nazi that just won't die or even admit they lost. This guy should be kicked out of housing, that's for sure. This is the kind of taker Republicans support–typical white old man Nazi.

  28. Oh, but these people are just "fine". Thanks, Trumputin.

  29. why do they call him "prominent?"

  30. Hes evil ..but God will take care of him

  31. Arrest him not interview him that red face pig

  32. This man who is a Neo-Nazi is a lunatic.

  33. He belongs in jail, the nutcase.

  34. Omg he’s not even blonde . Or has blue eyes.

  35. And people have a problem with Louis Farrakhan?!

  36. Old man probably don't remember how his so called "prophets" end up taking their own lives or hanged like the Cowards they were, it's laughable that these low life, indoctrinated idiots think they actually stand a chance nowadays!!..😂😅💩

  37. Bahaaaaaaa…section 8 and a coward….let a family who really needs the section 8 get his, he don't need it…prophet loooool boy you work for satan

  38. Here's this administrations next Press Secretary…

  39. White's being Superior to others is a myth. It's just a gang of people trying to force others to bend to their will. You stole so much from other people to make up who you are today. Contributions to society does not only belong to you. I'm an older woman who is in good health. I wouldn't trade places with this white bag of trash for nothing in this world. My carmel brown skin protected from the Sun, have served me well.

  40. Notice the cross around his neck. He worships the god of war…the male invented god of the Hebrew….Abraham that teaches war with the others! nothing has changed. Hitler was a Catholic This man thinks he is a prophet! this is what religion does to people!

  41. Probably Trump's very fine people

  42. Poor guy…. literally😂🤣😂

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