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My Autumn Comforts, Essentials & Obsessions! | Fashion Mumblr

My favourite Autumn Comforts, Essentials & Obsessions! Cosy clothing, comfort food & more!
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Club Monaco Cashmere Jumper : http://bit.ly/2fZMigx
Mahabis Slippers : http://bit.ly/2dRGMux
M&S Thermals : http://bit.ly/2f3b2jv
Vaseline Hand Cream : http://bit.ly/2gjua22
Jo Malone Geranium & Walnut Hand Cream : http://bit.ly/2f3if38
Kiehls Creme de Corps : http://bit.ly/2f3aoCQ
Guerlain Creme de Beaute : http://bit.ly/2fZNvVr
Diptyque Le Roi Sapin : http://bit.ly/2fYlmLG
Madeleine Shaw Book :


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Necklace : http://go.pandora.net/299Rawc
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  1. Very nice autumn cozies!!
    What red color lip are you wearing?? Looks so nice

  2. That lipstick colour looks nice on you make your skin look brighter, fresh and more classy .

  3. Hi Jodie🌸🌸 … as it's coming into autumn here in Australia and being new to your channel …
    I'm catching up on some of your previous videos and fashion tips!
    They are great …. so many wonderful videos👏🏻👏🏻.
    Catherine 🙋🙋

  4. I love your video and your style . elegant chic and cosy . I'm french and live in paris. saly

  5. Thank you for sharing and your lovely attitude! Xoxo!

  6. I love l'occitane hand cream there just perfect, you must try xxx😘💕

  7. I feel like you would love the Almond range from L’Occitane, it’s so soft and smells so nice.

  8. Can you do a L'occitane video?

  9. I love marks and spencer thermals they are the best ever

  10. Fab video, thanks Josie X

  11. Hi Josie, How do you stop makeup going on the neck of the cream jumper?!? I love high necks but unless its black or dark grey I can't get on with anything lighter! xx

  12. Red lips looks good on you

  13. I love those long sleeve thermals too x

  14. do you live in england or america

  15. can you do a video on outfit's that work with thermals?

  16. I went out and bought thermals after hearing you speak about them. There are so good. The last college football game we went to was 28 degrees and the baseball season starts up in Feb- the coldest time of the year for us..sooo much freezing wind. The thermals helped at the game so i can't wait to wear them at the baseball games 🙂

  17. A must for me is a big cup of chai latte. So good on a cold day🍵

  18. Cozy sweaters and boots are my go to's in the fall and you can never go wrong with a hot cocoa either

  19. Where is the mug from? 😍😍 Love this video btw!

  20. I love your videos & being warm and cozy is the best thing about autumn and winter

  21. I agree with you about thermals. I love Cuddleduds brand and wear them daily during our snowy Michigan winters. I wish I was their Ambassador! Love your video Josie!

  22. In love with your bold lipstick 💄 and nail colour!!! Please mention the shades u used !! I love too wear high necks and like u wear with love 🇵🇰 Pakistani fan

  23. I'm tempted by some thermal tops now 🤔

  24. your red lipstick is so beautiful

  25. Whilst watching this video I have a cup of tea, I'm wrapped in my dressing gown and in my duvet 😅 josie can you read minds? ❤️

  26. Which lipstick is this that you're wearing?!😍💗

  27. Chai tea and knitwear are essentials. But I live in Florida and we have very few cold days.

  28. Wool? Hey hey, is that low maint? Perch can cause cancer? Hey are those acrylic nails?? Not eggshell polish?? Yikes, hope not too late. Cancer.

  29. Would you ever think about doing a red lip guide. Like what make up looks go well with it and, what outfits go with it. I love the red lip but, I am always afraid I would look ridiculous wearing it. Love that red lip on you by the way!

  30. I love thermals so much in the winter! I don't know if you have Cuddle Duds in the UK or not, but in the US that's what I get and they're so soft and lightweight🐻

  31. Im exactly like you wanted in my dressing gown all cozy

  32. I love the feeling of your videos. They are so peaceful and lovely to watch! 💕

  33. Perfume , Dark Lip color and Candles are a must for me in Autumn. I love warm scents in general but especially in fall and winter. Some Favorite fall fragrances are Diptyque Eau Duelle and Tom Ford Noir Femme. I love candle halls from local stores. Any vanilla or gourmand scent. I do want tp treat myself to a diptyque candle.

  34. When you mentioned mac and cheese i paused this video and watched that one. It looked so yummy. I'm going to try and make that tomorrow. Thanks for the recipe and the inspiration.

  35. Fuzzy, sumptuous socks are my fall necessity. That and milky tea 😉

  36. Hi Josie! Do you know of more affordable thermals? Cheers x

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