My Health & Fitness Journey | Weight Loss Story

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  1. Hi there ! Have you heard of Provillus. It is a product that can be used by men and women.
    It helps to prevent hair loss and regrow hair. it is proven to be true. This might be the product you are looking for .try it. It your video.

  2. This is so motivational. Thank you. I’m sure this is going to change my life

  3. is it just me or does anyone else think she looks amazing in that bodybuilding phase 🙁 peak on her heteronormativity

  4. Awe baby Sezzy! I accidentally clicked on this link and it's such a change to who you are now. <3

  5. I cannot believe I was watching this in 2016 .. and that this was 3 years ago. Your life has changed SO MUCH!💓

  6. I just love you! So much good information! Thank you

  7. Hi Sarah, what did you do to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy and weight loss? Please advise. Thanks!

  8. Little did sezzy know she would later have her own fruit and nut mix

  9. Now Try Over 1,000 Products at 40% Off!. 👈👈👈

  10. Absolutely I learned something! And absolutely I am going away feeling positive. Made me want to really look more into nutrition because I'm struggling with the cravings for sure.

  11. Legit I’m in year 10 and I was exactly like u skinny as crap and ate everything but now I think it’s catching up with me 😭

  12. this makes me sad because your “chunky” weight is what i would kill to be again

    also, you were eating unhealthy but you were a growing teenage girl. it’s not abnormal to gain that much weight. that happened to me freshman year but it’s normal puberty weight gain and just having to eat healthy

  13. if she was "bulky" at that stage then what isn't bulky

  14. make a food recipe insta page pls omg!!!

  15. Great video!!! New subscriber xo

  16. I have a half banana for my breakfast every time I go to the gym for keeping my body shape and i love healthy foods

  17. Amazing video ! Thank you !
    Right now I am at a point in my life where I am really uncomfortable with my body because I have experienced the same as you did: I saw an old picture and I was like how did I get here? And I was so unhappy and almost all the things you sad are things I have been through or I am living right now. And i really have to say that this video was so inspiring and helping me with just understanding I don’t have to starve myself or do kinds of workouts I really don’t want to (but I love sports btw I just thought I hade to do a lot of lifting and stuff like that) but instead listen to my body and just du what suits for me and give my body the time it needs.
    So thank you so much fort his amazing video and for matching perfectly what I am feeling.

  18. hey sarah! i can relate to so many things you have mentioned! Just one question, why don´t you use egg protein? (i mean the protein powder made from egg), kisses!!

  19. But why are you still eating protein powder? Can you explain to me please🙈🤗

    Cool vid!💪😊

  20. What do you do about ice cream?

  21. my metabolism is the same way!

  22. Thank you for your advice and inspiration my son is vegan its really hard I'm going to start the diet again tomorrow. And Starr running again. Wow you have been on such a journey you really made me laugh at the body building part eat protein lol I eat as much as my boyfriend jeez it needs to stop your mum sounds like a star hun food is definitely a number.


  24. I thinl you should wear a tank top

  25. if it helps – most likely thats because whey is a dairy based protein. Ive been doing a bit of study on it mostly for animal nutrition. That and casein are a components of milk and derived from milk products

  26. REALLY need to know where that shirt is from 😍

  27. It makes me sad how she keeps calling herself disgusting and how she says it and just bc she was heavier.

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