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The below links are affiliate links {ad}, and items may have been gifted from brands, scroll down for more information if you’d like to know more!

❤ FEATURED in this video

What I’m Wearing:

Knit Jumper – http://bit.ly/2QCkJdF
Pearl Earrings – http://bit.ly/36bXait

White Long Coat – http://bit.ly/2SEe6tW
Similar new version – http://bit.ly/2MKYykh
Cashmere Roll Neck – http://bit.ly/36d0uJZ
Faux Shearling Coat – http://bit.ly/2LAaKnp
Lemon Knit – http://bit.ly/2ZIAx2v
VLTN bag – http://bit.ly/2SGwSkv
V bag – http://bit.ly/2QyjzQr
FENDI sunglasses – http://bit.ly/2MHpotJ
FENDI Sunglasses (UK) http://bit.ly/2SBxqrM
YSL Sunglasses – http://bit.ly/2MJq1D7
Tyne Trousers – http://bit.ly/2ZOkZKV
Floral Dress – http://bit.ly/35awJbz
2nd Floral Dress – http://bit.ly/2SFof9N
Chloe C Mules 30% off – http://bit.ly/2QcNzCi
Chloe C Flat Sandal in the Sale – http://bit.ly/2Yq8LXb
Chloe Tess bag – http://bit.ly/2Qcr9RS
Chloe Tess 30% off – http://bit.ly/2ZEpAPv
Leopard Dress – http://bit.ly/2ZDxdFZ
Zimmerman Dress 30% off – http://bit.ly/2ZB54zo
Pink smock dress – http://bit.ly/33yUN79
Pearl Earrings – http://bit.ly/2NtjR9z
Pearl Necklace – http://bit.ly/2Fc0Qoc
Monica VInader Bracelets;
1 – http://bit.ly/36enlF3
2 – http://bit.ly/2ZGnyhH
3 – http://bit.ly/2F6Fc4V

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10 TRENDS FOR AW19 – https://bit.ly/2YMfSwq


COME SHOPPING WITH ME – https://bit.ly/2MMO9pf


❤ Camera that I filmed this video on – http://bit.ly/2S48HsH
❤ I also use this camera for smooth shots – http://bit.ly/2BlXDkF
❤ I use this camera for the *pro* looking shots – http://bit.ly/2HVcRTi


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  1. I was waiting for this video. I love watching these.
    The 2 coats from Reiss are only similar in color as a true fashion lover would say. My husband was curious what coats you where taking about and even he said that they where totally different. I had him repeat it since he often says don't you have a pair of pants/a knitwear that are similar. To me they are always different.
    Watching this video on video on my laptop while sitting on the couch with my husband and cats. The cats are a bit afraid of the fireworks that are already being set off. We never celebrate de old en new year as we call it in The Netherlands.

  2. Wonderful wrap up to the year! I feel you should have added pearl hair clips. You were wearing them nonstop. Happy New Year!

  3. You always mention that you are not that tall, would you make a video talking about your tricks to make you appear taller? I find whenever I wear anything that is mid length (anywhere on my shins) I look “cut off.” I can seem to figure out the midi dress/skirt and boots for example!
    Love your videos 💕

  4. Your tyne trousers and ugly trainers were the easiest to predict. I think my worst purchase this was jumper dress from Zara. It looks beautiful but too thick and too heavy. On the other hand i'm sure that I will wear H&M jumper dress (the one with big balloon sleeves) non-stop all winter.
    Happy New Year!

  5. I just bought my first Reiss dress. It's on sale too, so excited! It looks so good on you! Thank you for these videos.

  6. Hope you have a great New Year ! I am having a friend sleepover and going to another friends party.

  7. Great video Josie! Where is the cream check coat from in one of your highlight videos at 5:37? Thank you! x

  8. Happy New Year! Enjoyed your video. You are absolutely right about the klutzy trainers. It is a foolish fad. We are staying in for New Years. Loved your white coat from Reiss and am looking for an ivory or winter white coat in the style of #1. I am looking for a midi length to stay warm. I am also looking for a faux fur longer jacket in the same colors. Faux fur is so warm and I hope they stay in fashion forever. Loved your roll necks. Everything was beautiful. Will look for those Reiss pants in cream-hopw they make them. Looking forward to more great videos next year.

  9. It's already 2020 here in Australia 🇦🇺, hehe I knew those tyne treggings (trouser leggings) was going to be on your most worn list and I definitely was hoping the joggers were on the least worn worst purchases list 😊🤗

  10. Happy new year to you Josie. Make the tights into a headscarf!

  11. Love the shorter dress on you! I’d love to see more recommendations for shorter dresses and skirts this year!

  12. Happy New Year Josie… From my family to yours!!

  13. Great video, just bought a Chloe bag because of you 🙂 Happy New Year! Looking forward 2020 post from you.

  14. Happy New Year Josie, to you and your family! I’m home chilling after a lovely afternoon eating out and drinking pink fizz, one of the things you have to do when you have a two year old I’m afraid 😂

  15. How do you wear white and keep it looking good? I struggle with ruining it… makeup etc… I love white- but it’s costing me money. I know this is your favorite color. Happy New Years!

  16. I asked my husband if I could watch this video while he's driving and he chimed in, "Is this Fashion Mumblr?" Even he can recognize your videos. He is a keeper 🥰

  17. Happy New Year all the best for the coming year!! xo

  18. “Happy New Year 2020!” ❤️your videos.

  19. You and your style remind me so much of Freddy My Love – a kinder, less snobby, more refined and womanly (less girlish) version of Freddy. I just adore you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  20. Many happy returns. Thanks Josie for sharing the year in fashion and more. Enjoyed this video and laughed about the "chunky trainers". Doesn't matter if they were made in gold, they're awful! Take care. 😘

  21. Happy New Year, Josie. I love your channel. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  22. Happy New Year's Eve Josie! I don't really have a favorite piece this year since I wanted to wear everything in my wardrobe. I hope to just rotate through my clothes again because I want to make sure I wear everything and I want to save money this year. Such lovely pieces you've loved through this past year. I hope you the very best for the New Year!

  23. Beautiful pieces as always! Would love to please hear a wedding update Josie, and will you be doing an updated handbag video as well? Love your channel! Your videos are getting better and better!!

  24. Omg Josie, the White Fur Max Mara coat is not faux fur. It's made from real rabbits who live in horrific conditions in china. You can find a video about it on YouTube. I really wish you would be more ethical with fashion and not recommend such items of clothing. I completely respect you buy faux fur coats…but recommending companies who support horrific cruelty to rabbits is quite bad. I love your videos and I'm a huge fan…hence I get very sad when you seem to overlook companies who are not ethical because your viewers might not know the horrific conditions they make the rabbits live in. Literally there are 1000s of rabbits kept in cages and abused in the name of max mara white fur coats.

  25. That Valentino bag and Fendi sunglasses were a such a great buy this year! Thank you always for your fabulous recommendations. Looking forward to more videos in the new year!

  26. Get your mercy merry merry happy new year

  27. Have a very happy new year 🎆

  28. I was at Gatwick Airport today early and saw your reclamation on a red lipstick Happy New Year

  29. Happy new year to you ! thank you for a fabulous year of fashion. Your style and pairings are extraordinary. Your style is so clean and fresh. I wish I was closer to ur age. I’m not a dinosaur but you can pull things off way better than me. I’m 58 but a fashionista at heart. I think the bright pink Gucci suit that u wore in Paris was amazing. But I think it was on loan from Net a porter. Can u do a video of best outfits of 2019 including personal and loaners. Just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work. You really kicked ass for Black Friday. You worked really hard and I so appreciate it! Have a fabulous dinner with Charlie and the boys tonight! Much love from Robyn in Philadelphia. This is a group account for my work. I’m a cardiac ICU nurse at University of Penn. but I use it for all my YouTubing. I know the title seems weird. I am a real person! Thx and much live from the other dude of the pond!

  30. Love, love, love this video! I’m looking for some classic items for my wardrobe and especially loved the Reiss trousers as I’m feeling jeans aren’t really me anymore and I struggle to find a pair that I feel comfortable and confident in. Also I love the Chloe bag and sandals, they are now on my wish list 😊
    I really enjoy your YouTube channel Josie, so glad I subscribed this year…. so looking forward to 2020, Happy New Year! 😘 xx

  31. Happy New Years Josie! You’ve given me soo much inspiration this past year and before! I hope you and family have a wonderful 2020🌞🧸🥂🎉🥳🌺

  32. I think you make great content. I have a minor critique though. I find it off putting when the top of your head is cropped out.

  33. Happy New Year Just sitting around tonight family just got over being ill. I would buy a pair of those reiss pants if they came in off white.I am terrible l have some clothes in my closet still with tags on that l have had for years too many clothes l guess.

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