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Mysterious Orcas Confirmed Alive in New Video | National Geographic

Mysterious Orcas Confirmed Alive in New Video | National Geographic

A team of NOAA scientists have, for the first time, found and studied the fabled Type D killer whale alive in the wild. They were first documented in 1955 when more than a dozen unidentified animals were found beached on the coast of New Zealand. Compared with other types of orcas, these killer whales have a more rounded head, a narrower and more pointed dorsal fin, and a small white eyepatch. The orcas were seen off the tip of southern Chile in January 2019. Type D killer whales live in the subantarctic, home to some of the world’s stormiest waters. This inhospitable environment, and the fact that they aren’t usually found near shore, makes them nearly impossible to study. The scientists expect lab results to show that the Type D killer whale is a new species, and the largest undescribed animal left on the planet.
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Read “Mysterious new orca species likely identified”

Mysterious Orcas Confirmed Alive in New Video | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Unlike the other known types of orcas, Type D killer whales have a more rounded head, a pointier and narrower dorsal fin, and a very small white eye patch. To learn more, you can read on here: https://on.natgeo.com/2NKYuQX

  2. i seen you in my dream last night. but it wasn’t you, it was one your kind. i saw my best friend and his brother. my cousin jw. and someone i liked very much, janan.

  3. The asian will hunt the last of them

  4. Mother nature takes care of itself despite our ways. Sooooo. Yeah.

  5. Hopefully they live they're life in peace and not haunted to extinction. Beautiful and majestic everyone derserve watch these whales alive and not from extinct animals list..

  6. Orcas are the real kings of our oceans.

  7. May these beautiful Orcas stay wild and free!! No more catching Orcas for theme parks!!

  8. Omg they are so cute n beautiful 😍

  9. If people really cared about orcas, they would demand SeaWorld to be shut down and would never eat tuna and other ocean fish again.

  10. Haven't been documented since 1955 ?!?!

    No doubt there's more undiscovered creatures in the ocean. Who knows what else is down their.

  11. This is exciting news! 🐋

  12. Now, if only humans would go extinct and allow Mother Nature to heal herself.

  13. so happy without an aquarium

  14. Hopefully some aquatic dinosaurs still lurk in the depths of the oceans too 💞

  15. okay alright we found them and just let them be, don’t do anything and just let them be

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  18. Whale whale whale, what have we here?

  19. I like the typical orcas better.

  20. Thanks for sharing this fantastic video, Good Job.

  21. Beautiful creatures, i love them all.

  22. I'm thankful that shows like NatGeo still exist. These are beautiful animals

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  26. Such wonderful creatures

  27. Now, I just hope that they live in peace.

  28. Uh they’re the same as killer whales obviously just a little different

  29. Orcas can be really aggressive when hunting. Its good that they are still around, and hope that they will stay longer. Leave them be.

  30. I hope this specie is not gonna be in endangered list

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