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Mysterious Remains Found In Idaho Cave Identified After 40 Years | NBC Nightly News

A family found a man’s torso inside an Idaho cave in 1979, then more remains were found in 1991. The man has been identified as Joseph Henry Loveless — an outlaw born in 1870 who had many aliases, repeatedly escaped jail and was wanted for his wife’s murder.
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Mysterious Remains Found In Idaho Cave Identified After 40 Years | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Nice job hiding that body whoever killed that P.O.S. Good work!

  2. I can't even continue watching this due to the iNSANE looking Redgrave.

  3. was so hoping it was Jimmy Hoffa…

  4. Wtf is wrong with Anthony….

  5. Why does he look like Freddy Krueger?

  6. House Democrats are idiots! TRUMP 2020!!

  7. quit calling me an NBC News fan.. I'm not a fan.

  8. Wow, DNA analysis is truly amazing. What will be possible in 20 more years?

  9. Meanwhile an inmate was put to death in Texas because the state couldn’t afford a dna test

  10. He's not dead! Just wait until you fall asleep!

  11. Idiots… How can it be a "torso" after 63 years? Most "journalism" today is butt wipe level quality


  13. That beard should be a crime.

  14. I have solved the homicide: wolves/mountain lion.

  15. 00:27
    Is he sitting on the ground?

  16. The power of that mans neckbeard could stop a tornado….

  17. They skip over the part about him killing his 2nd wife really fast . Makes you wonder if his 1st wife got the same treatment?🤔

  18. So he stayed in a cave and died.

  19. I wouldn't waste a dime solving his murder lol dude killed women now he's dead almost no chance his killer is alive 🤷‍♂️

  20. He looked dead when he was alive, old leather face. 😲

  21. Dude took the neckbeard meme literally.

  22. …One creepy lookin mutha fucka.

  23. That Anthony Redgrave dude looks and speaks like an ET.


  25. And I can't even find my immediate life

  26. Guys grandson was in beginning. Freddy jr

  27. You mean it wasn't Chester Copperpot?

  28. That thing with the rat shack hanging off his face is related to Loveless for sure.

  29. Who else came for the Frederick Kruger comments?

  30. Umm…was that a talking goat?

  31. Waiting for the "but they still don't know who killed Epstein" comments.

  32. That DNA scientist person seemed cool and interesting. I wish we heard more from them about the process and other cases.

  33. "Hi my name is Anthony, my hobbies include DNA analysis and being a social outcast"

  34. what's with the nasty bearded bald guy?

  35. how to get away with murder

  36. That dude looks hella scary..

  37. Now you can’t even bust a nut at work.

  38. Forget the body,..what was that thing in that dude’s ear

  39. Genetic genealogy. Is there any other kind?

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