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N Korea says US 'hell-bent' on sanctions despite seeking dialogue

North Korea is accusing the US of being “hell-bent” on hostility towards it, and being obsessed with sanctions.
North Korea’s mission to the United Nations issued that statement after the US accused the North of breaching a cap on petroleum imports.
It’s a sharp turn of events from just days ago when Donald Trump became the first sitting US president to visit North Korea after both parties had agreed to resume talks.

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  1. This further proves my belief that NK was just trying to get on our good side so they could backstab us later.

  2. The fat ugly swine in the white house is a Fraud, DPRK will not get anything out of him unless you're Israeli.💩💩

  3. Keep your nukes and suffer, your choice.

  4. There goes the dumb Americans claim of their praise to that illiterate dumbass trump! Everyone hates this racist country. Your time is up!!!

  5. Kim is not dumb stop his nuclear program. He knows that it is the only thing that is keeping him alive

  6. Of course yes! The US is not a threat to the world. USA is after only those countries where the dictatorship exists with decentralized minds. Denuclearization is necessary to make the planet safe for rest of the world.

  7. Never trust the usa,they are a back stabber friend and a vicious enemy,hard to defeat,
    Engagement to them from both sides is a loss!!
    In real they are not worth of making any friend,,

  8. Don't even think of giving up nuclear power.
    We all know what USrahell will do then.

  9. Lol al-Jazeera with typical liberal media XD

  10. What needs to happen is DPRK getting rid of its nuclear power and sanctions removed by the us. And to let North Korea and South Korea figure out how to work with eachother under the supervision of the international council

  11. …..? Better keep your nukes up and ready just incase NK!

  12. No sanction should be lifted Until Mr Kim Jr gets rid of all Nukes,its as simple as that then Sanctions can be removed

  13. The moment NK destroys it's nuclear weapon they'll finish it.

  14. 0:55 I want to see his kids now..
    maybe they are now little bit taller than before

  15. Sadly trump thinks his Jesus and trying to make America the head of the world .
    No one what's to be held down by the American government !!!! Trump is a weak piece of rubbish I bet he use to be picked on as a kid


  17. hey its that guy where his kid popped out in 2017. Make sure the door is locked this time

  18. They send that before the hand shake fake news

  19. Just as I predicted the day of the meeting USA just wants to bait people and never help they are always in it for themselves

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