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Nancy Pelosi On Decision To Withhold Articles Of Impeachment: 'Time Has Been Our Friend' | NBC News

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., spoke about the benefits of delaying sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate. That time “yielded incriminating evidence” that can be used in the Senate impeachment trial, she said.
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Nancy Pelosi On Decision To Withhold Articles Of Impeachment: ‘Time Has Been Our Friend’ | NBC News


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  1. Phoney impeachment that's going to lead to no conviction, Trump will remain president and will be Re-elected.

  2. Rambling, bumbling, talks and says nothings.
    Time to hang it up, skeletor.

  3. I hope she has a stroke then things might make sense

  4. What's wrong with NANCY PELOSI? DEMENTIA? CONSTIPATION? She is not well.
    NANCY PELOSI should resign, so we can move on for better future

  5. This woman is clearly inebriated. Or she overdosed on Botox. She is hideous.

  6. Long live Nancy Pelosi ❤❤❤

  7. I would like Nancy Pelosi to answer how a case that was in sanctions and fines in August of 2010 was overrode by a different Court in November of 2010 without any proof at all. That corruption led to continuous lies of me not supposed to be at my own home due to falsified documents. If these People falsified every unlawful arrests. What makes Nancy Pelosi think that they did not put a wrong name on my home. Its so transparent and she knows it. I have received plenty of information about Nancy Pelosi Family background in drugs. My issue is the Family Members of whoever can be in drugs wherever. They cannot be at my Oakland home no matter what Nancy Pelosi Family's background is now. She cannot force all of us to be the same way. We have lives of our own to live. I would like an answer from Nancy Pelosi in her State of California about a Court interrupting sanctions and fines. I did call the Hearing Officer. They stated that Someone would get back to me in 2010, 2011, 2012, so on and so forth. When People feel like their jobs are going to be jeopardized. They start placing all kinds of lies in Computer Court Databases and Government Court Databases. Nancy Pelosi is stalling with the Renee C. Davidson Court Staff arrests. She knows that these are criminal actions and that the Police arrests and the DA prosecutes. No excuses, delays, unlawful restraining orders to prevent me from proving my injustices, or stalling. Nancy Pelosi needs to contact the correct Parties in Oakland, Ca. and make the arrests now and stop wasting People's time with known Public false filings. She is very aware of the Law if she can step to a podium and speak on impeachment. Nancy Pelosi can make sure that the People who entered my home during sanctions and fines, that my settled order clearly states are the violations in my order. The Courts and Government placing attempts on my life to be in my home illegally is a serious crime. There is not a statue for corruption and attempts on my life, when it was reported in statue.

  8. America is so Diverse it’s so great Nancy Pelosi proves anyone can be speaker of the house even if you Have Down syndrome

  9. Brush your hair Nancy. Dafuq

  10. These idiots have been porkin the pooch for 3 years.
    They should not only be fired/ recalled, they should be caned for wasting taxpayer time and money.
    Whats the price tag so far ??? Anybody ?

  11. Amen Nancy… America should decide who are president should be Not Russia..

  12. The Nads looks like he’s gonna cry.


  14. back in the day Pelosi would be BURNED as a Witch.

  15. 🤣🤣🤣 Democrats are losing votes by the day. I'll admit I was a democrat up untill 2016. When they showed there true colors. ONE WORD LIARS!!

  16. Pelosis brother and father were mayors of Baltimore and made their fortunes smuggling heroin in through the port of Baltimore. Look it up if u dont believe me. Pelosis also a multi millionaire.

  17. Yeah!!!!
    Trump and China signing the greatest trade deal ever!!
    All time high economy under Trump!!!!
    Solimani dead leaving us more safe!!!!
    You 3 clowns are old news….. tired of you.

  18. Realimagavitenhosenvasigonkaveliternetvitotrumreali

  19. Trump will win in 2020. We will make sure he wins by getting ourselves and everyone we know out to vote Republican in person or by mail in ballot. We will also be vigilant for democrat election and voter fraud.

  20. Our nation deserved better. If charger are dismised will confirm corruption in usa.


  22. These boots are made for walking
    Nancy Pelosi

  23. Trump's legacy and all u dumb f*cks who voted for him are done – be proud.

  24. TRUMP 2020🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  25. the dump stinks more and more every day

  26. 2:50 did she just say the American voters should decide who their president should be as they go to remove a president voted into office by Americans SMH

  27. Dems wasting America’s time and money

  28. Why are the leaders of the free world pure evil incarnates?

  29. If she really thinks time has been her friend she needs to get a new mirror.

  30. Ole Pencil Neck and No Nads? Hahahahahahahahaha hehehehehe hahahahahahahahaha

  31. Evil, Failed, Impeached Trump is the Worst thing to happen to America since Slavery.

  32. Mr. Putin is not very happy.

  33. Poster child for term limits

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