Nancy Pelosi will lose Congress over impeachment: Rep. Andy Biggs

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., discusses impeachment and says some Democrats who promote socialist policies know their plans don’t work, but they do it anyway to pander to a specific base.

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  1. Vote for Republicans at least they are for US . Vote Vote Vote

  2. THE DEMS HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!! IDIOTS!!! Oh yes they do!! I take that back!! They have to gain power to stay out of prison for fraud, treason and embezzlement!!!

  3. First Forever Impeached PRESIDENT TO GET REELECTED IN HISTORY…TRUMP/ PENCE 2020…How You Like Me Now…

  4. He's impeached but still in charge, I can handle that.

  5. Nasty lying nancy will look great in a prison uniform.

  6. If Nancy really believe that ,Then why she panic ? She kept them for a month cause she thinks she is some kind of dictator I don't Kno what she thinks but I think she is a big looser

  7. Impeached forever… so what? What has it done to Bill Clinton? He's fine. Rich, famous, sought after for speaking engagements etc… so what he was impeached? Same with president Trump. So what?

  8. I WANT A SOUVENIR IMPEACHMENT PEN here is a chance to KNOCK OFF those pens,,,,,,,and sell them on ebay…….go to a pen company have them copy the design it should be eminent domain its our tax payer money that bought those pens and sell them for 10 bux a piece.

  9. She is a traitor to Americans people.

  10. impeached and reelected Trump 2020

  11. How about what God says is good. The only thing good in this country is the BODY OF CHRIST NOT CHASING AFTER MONEY

  12. You know how vitally important this will be to future Americans?

    Can you name all three past Presidents of the US who have been impeached?

    like any Democrat would have that much honour as not to cheat.

  13. going down in history as pushing a sham impeachment over emotions and fear, rather than facts and crimes, is forever.

  14. NASTY NANCY: What a C.U.N.T. (C – an't, U – nderstand, N – ormal, T – hinking)

  15. Pelosi and crooked Hillary must be related.

  16. Nancy Pelosi will go down in history as the main reason a maximum limit of two consequutive terms and mandatory drug testing and minimum IQ tests score qualifications for anyone running for a seat as a Congressional Representative was signed into law by President Ivanka Trump in 2025.

  17. Nancy is an OLD DRUNK LUSH!!!

  18. Cleanse the House and Senate from this Republican cancer. Grifters galore!

    Defending the most corrupt President in history.

  19. She won’t lose Congress. Let’s talk about how Lev Parnas just gave up the whole operation!

    Most corrupt President in modern history!

    Republicans are circling the wagons trying to stay in power. All of them need to be voted out!

  20. I hope she loses her treasonous life over this, firing squad for that c**t along with the rest of the house scumocrats.

  21. Nanny is mentally ill or a sly 🐍

  22. Everyone please refrain from mean comments!!!! I mean she’s a human being for gods sake!!!!
    I mean she’s also a human cartoon but none the less a person! Every snowflake has its moment too sparkle

  23. Ok I need the help of the people here…. help understanding bc I’m not into politics but I’m trying….. didn’t (the people of this great country) elect trump into office???? I guess I don’t get it idk

  24. I do feel for those who actually follow anything that comes out of narcissistic nancys mouth 😂😂😂😂 without a doubt the dumbest woman in Washington lol she will be gone by 2024 😉 because real woman with an iq will keep a real leader in office WWG1WGA

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