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NASA bids farewell to the Mars Opportunity rover

NASA bids farewell to the Mars Opportunity rover

If you’re a fan of Mars exploration, you’re probably in mourning right now. NASA’s Opportunity rover has effectively been declared dead after the agency’s last attempt to contact the storm-struck rover was met with silence. Officials plan to hold a press conference at 2PM Eastern to discuss the outcome, but it’s really a formality at this stage. The machine doesn’t stand a chance if it doesn’t have power — Martian winter is coming, and Opportunity needs working heaters to survive the chilly conditions.

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  1. Why is Curiosity in the thumbnail?

  2. Does your car last 15 months no issues. I feel like I'm being pimped slapped.

  3. RIP Mars Space Rover
    We’re be missed 😢💔

  4. If I'm not wrong that's Curiosity in the video's thumbnail 🙄

  5. Sad when something not alive still heart br3ks everyone.. live is confusing

  6. All that thing found was rocks

  7. For the Flat-Earthers.
    I respect your beliefs and I know you really believe in them, but just because you do, you do not have to say things about us Globe-Earthers like "look at all these IDIOTS who think space is real". Keep negative thoughts to yourselves, please, nobody likes being called idiots.


  8. If you believe that they built a rover that lasted 15 yrs with no maintenance withstanding hurricane force dust storms all while being controlled from earth. Please look at how long your car would last under those conditions with no maintenance. Honestly

  9. While this mission is nothing but a HUGE success I don't understand why the rovers didn't have some mechanism to self-clean their solar panels. Was it they didn't think it would last beyond the 90 days and as such it just didn't need something like that? Seem if it has some kind of wiper to clean the dust off it would still be alive, right?

  10. That would be funny if Opportunity took a picture of a Martian charging the rover up with a USB cord

  11. 15 years. Hahahaha the joke in the joke

  12. That's curiosity you dingbats

  13. If we ever do make it up there, efforts should be made to collect the wreckage and place it in a museum

  14. Rest in Peace little buddy. Your mission finally comes to an end. You made America pround.

  15. Who is taking the pictures of the Rover taking pictures. Just think about that.

  16. Expected life expentency was 40days. Its actual lifespan was 14yrs. Wasn't made in China i guess

  17. now i’m just imagining hundreds of years into the future, some kid is just gonna be casually playing kickball with friends, lose the ball in a ditch, and find the rover by accident.

  18. wait maybe the curistioty or the mars 2020 mission will save it
    noo it will be…

    Elongated musk will save it

  19. Go home with you outdated technology

  20. look at all these idiots who think space is real. LMFAO

  21. Okay, what's that music… It's stuck in my head.

  22. I remember how troublesome landing Oppurtunity had and went through various complications but it survived and surpassed Spirit by all means.

  23. Bro jocelyn flores is playing in my brain so hard right now why is this sad to me

  24. Text from someone else in the house: "Why are you crying so damn hard?"

  25. Sleep well, sweet prince. We will be waking you up when we come for you.

  26. Mission complete Rover.
    Now sleep.

  27. Oh yeah…as the really that's called as a Zionist very expensive lie..pushed on the American citizens taxpayers in the trillions of dollars

  28. Why is this robot making me sad

  29. The rover you use in your video is the Curiosity rover, NOT the Opportunity rover.

  30. Pls stop smiling while recalling the death of my love im gonna cry

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