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NBA fans booted from game after showing support for Hong Kong

A ‘Kennedy’ panel debates China’s influence on free speech in the U.S. and the NBA-Hong Kong controversy.

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  1. I agree mostly what they said but is it common to have a "debate" with people with only one sided political party? They are making this about trump when it has absolutely nothing to do with him

  2. This is the beginning of the China worldwide censorship and dominance…

  3. This should be illegal, America is supposed to be a free country

  4. China is maybe a terrible regime but US is no saints either. FreeHongKong FreeCatalunya

  5. NBA is acting like Treasonous Trump… putting money before Values.

  6. The crisis in Hong Kong is called riots at best, or more appropriately, terrorism. Foreigners who are not in Hong Kong should not be making judgment on issues that they do not truly understand and frankly, only learn about from biased media.

  7. NBA League pass is $199.99 in the US and £61.99 in Europe. NBA does not care about the American people!

  8. LeBron truly should just shut up and dribble.

  9. God, the propaganda is real. these guy have no idea what it’s like in China and yet presume all these evil thing about China. Wow! The anchor even admitted it they don’t need to learn anything about China they just know everything China is evil. Lol

  10. We don't care about your subjective opinion. Report objective content. Your one-sided bias reporting makes Fox News a joke.

  11. Where are those "patroits" that were mad about football players kneeling for the anthem

  12. NBA players are all FAKE!!!

  13. time to buy from south Korea or Thailand

  14. LOL China is bullying our pure corporation What a BS statement

  15. China tries to silence everyone and even the world now. Fight against tyranny. Fight for freedom and democracy. Stand with Hong Kong!


  17. I'm gonna exercise my freedom of free speech. I support the freedom fighters who brought down the WTC on 911 in NY.

  18. these company don't care about people its all about the money

  19. Would that be like maybe consorting with the enemy. Which I think might be Treason. Just wondering.

  20. Where is the video part where the fan got the boot at the game for supporting China?

  21. This is all Yao Mings fault. Yao Yao Yao. Lol. Freedom for all

  22. National Beijing association, and dont forget the CHInikes , that are fund most of the 'stars' lol,

  23. I haven't watched the Nba since 04, doesn't look like that's gonna change.

  24. NBA done Fuc*ed up!! BIG TIME!!

  25. Hong Kong is free. Its political system is different from rest of China. By contrast to Saudi, an absolute monarchy, where there are similar claims of torture, suppression, and only one choice for their ruler but apparently that system can be condoned and accepted by many countries who are calling for “Free Hong Kong.” It is such an irony, a hypocrisy and a JOKE for quite obvious reason $$$$$$$$$……oh never mind, its FOX "news".

  26. That is telling US that, whom do the Chinese trust the most. Or what American have been told by American Media about Chinese have not have access to the web is lied.

  27. Support those violent protesters guys 😂

  28. What a joke! Hit them where it hurts..stop buying nba's trash .move to china A holes


  30. These four show presenters are disgusting, sports shouldn’t be involved in politics, why commented on other countries politics, just concentrate on the games.

  31. It is amazing how badly the NBA is bumbling this and the entire league seems to have no clue. Embarrassing and really unacceptable for a corporation that supposedly represents the United States. I want to apologize to all freedom loving people of the world and make it clear that I find the NBA to be a disgusting, fraudulent entity. Free Hong Kong and down with Chinese tyrants.

  32. Kerr is a sellout! Pro China but anti USA!

  33. Boycott anti-freedom NBA! Stop idolizing and paying these low IQ ball dribblers!

  34. Actual prison camps and authoritarianism : Hollywood sleeps
    Trump walks up stairs : Hollywood screeching


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