NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 6th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

New memo sends chaotic signals about whether U.S. troops are preparing to exit Iraq, Bolton ‘prepared to testify’ if subpoenaed by Senate, and new charges against Harvey Weinstein as trial gets underway.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

1:36 Pentagon Say’s U.S. Troops Not Leaving Iraq After Letter Confusion
2:38 Funeral Held For Iranian Commander Killed In U.S. Strike
4:28 Trump Doubles Down On Treat To Attack Iranian Cultural Sites
5:25 Democrats Demand Declassified Intel On ‘Imminent’ Threat
5:50 Pelosi: House To Vote On Resolution Limiting Trump’s War Powers
6:36 Thousands Of Additional U.S. Troops Deploying To Middle East
8:15 Bolton ‘Prepared To Testify’ If Subpoenaed By Senate
10:03 New Charges Against Harvey Weinstein As Trial Gets Underway
12:11 American Firefighters Join Battle Against Australia Wildfires
14:03 American Family Attacked In Mexico Near Border, Boy Killed
15:58 Chilling News Twists In Death Of Texas Mother
17:19 New York Governor Helps Rescue Man After Highway Crash
17:54 Cutting Edge Technology UnVeiled At Annual CES Show

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 6th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. trump sez: w t f do I do now? I know. I'll ask putin.

  2. all you need to do is pull back, go home and leave Iran now, wtf are you doing !!!!!!

  3. Weinstein's feeble b***** getting getting getting.

  4. I wonder if the ones who voted for trump are okay watching their children and grandchildren go off to war

  5. Our government at work. Good one, Lester! 🤣

  6. Do you know who else targeted CULTURAL SIGHTS ? ISIS ! So, I guess we will have to go from calling him TREASONOUS trump to TERRORIST trump !

  7. U.S.A – we bringing our troops home

    Also the U.S.A
    U.S.A – we are sending over 3500 troops.

  8. I knew Trump was going to do something crazy after they impeached him. His way of getting the American people back for shaming him.

  9. Put them 1 litter oil in each one packet and send them home is better idea no need to do that …..

  10. TRUMP stated that they( US government), found the commanders hands in the cookie jar. Quote. Of so, like you said you have evidence, prove it. This drama reminds me of Bush and WMD. Which was never found.

  11. Iand all Iraqi people we have disappointment
    About USA decision to leave our country
    We support them to stay in Iraq
    Thanks USA thanks president trump from Iraq Baghdad thanks USA Air Forces
    They help us many times
    We need them
    ‪Mr. President @realDonaldTrump we the Iraqi people have been protesting for months to be free of this parliament & all the political parties controlled by Iran, they do not represent us. Please help us be free. We need America’s support.

  12. Brings up that infanous phrase – 'dambed if you do . . . 'dambed if you don't' !

  13. Sad to see not a single solitary positive story in this time we gotta promote the peace love and positivity man

  14. So when did we go from having public servants that were scared of the masses because they controlled them to having public officials who now control the masses and don't listen to them

  15. The world is slowly dying. I’m gonna put $80k into my own personal underground bunker just Incase.

  16. All I care is the 500million of animals that perished in the conflagration in Australia

  17. Which Country they going over to the middle East and caused so much destruction and killed so many innocent people's. The biggest terrorists of the world is America

  18. Trumph please on the front of the line of fire ..

  19. The Mexican President reluctant to eradicate drug cartels?, "no shootings but hugs" (????) He refuses to attack their finances since he has a lot of business with them…; and now an American teenager pays the price for AMLO's corruption!!!

  20. The statute of limitations in criminal trial is 2 years, the womens had remained silent, no kind of out cry until now…so the media illegally permitted them to hold trial "on the street" in finding Harvey Weinstein guilty of "everything" on them so to result into influencing the jury decision making on Harvey Weinstein guilt or innocence at his already scheduled trial, so he cannot ever possibly ever receive a fair and impartial trial by jury in any state to the charge(s), even if the trial judge granted him a "Change Of Venue". Way to go NBC NIGHTLY NEWS broadcast !
    I Remain,
    7DEC20; 04:09 H.H.


  22. Man Mexico needs to do something before we really go to war


  24. It's a war crime to attack religious sites…? I'm sorry, but I'm Luguna pueblo and does that mean NDPLA was a war crime…?

  25. Well…Happy new Year sheeps

  26. I can hear Trump already… "That funeral crowd is tiny compared to my bigly inauguration".

  27. I don’t think Bush Jr. was this stupid and he was pretty fckn stupid! I always knew we were in the last days but I think we are in the final era and technology is just speed lining us right into the second coming.

  28. It’s almost like some sort of book warned us about this

  29. Well if the U.S did not take out Soleimani then Israel probably would have. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  30. The Harvey Weinstein Story: A modern witch-hunt that, if possible, with him being burnt at the stake. Women know if enough of them say they were assaulted it will be more likely to be believed. But the court system usually needs proof. Somehow I don't think it will care about proof with this case.

  31. Still waiting for Iraq and Iran to put several dozen military bases in Montreal, Quebec, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Alaska, Nebraska and New Jersey.

  32. Pelosi a traitor of this country her and others.

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