NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 8th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Iran threatens to unleash war if U.S. strikes back after rocket attacks on American troops in Iraq, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to ‘step back as senior members of the Royal family,’ and largest one-year drop ever in U.S. cancer death rate.

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1:32 Trump: Iran ‘Appears To Be Standing Down’ After Revenger Strike
5:10 Trump Vows New Iran Sanctions, Backs Away From Military Action
5:52 Democrats Warn Of Iran Proxy Strikes And Cyberattacks
6:15 Trump Blasts Obama’s Iran Policy In Address To Nation
6:55 Trump Vows New Iran Sanctions, Back Away From Military Action
7:23 Republican Senator Slam Trump Admin’s Briefing On Iran
8:51 Passenger Plane Crash Inside Iran Kills 176, Cause A Mystery
11:25 Prince Harry & Meghan Markle To ‘Step Back’ As Senior Royals
13:57 Fugitive Ex-Auto Chief Speaks Out After Shocking Escape
16:08 New Evidence In Missing Mom Case, Husband Faces Judge
17:59 U.S. Cancer Death Rate Drops Nearly 30% Since 1990s

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 8th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


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  1. The president seems to be standing down himself.Sounds believable to me.

  2. I'm glad Prince Harry and his wife leaving..he don't want what happened to his mother happen to his wife..he doing the right thing..the scriptures says a man should leave his mother and father and "cleave" to his wife..I'm proud of him for making that decision..no telling what been going on in the palace that might have led to his decision..GREAT JOB HARRY!!

  3. The only reason the assassination took place. To be a distraction from impeachment

  4. Oh God!!! Limit Trumps powers to attack back at Iran in self defense?? These Dems.are more stupid and evil than we all thought. Stupid and evil together….a nauseating, dangerous combination for the world to have to endure.

  5. Hope Alexandria has a husband somewhere with two good jobs…children are absolutely beautiful.👍👍👍

  6. Pence reminds me of Nancy Reagan when she stared at Ronnie when he spoke. What a boot licker.

  7. Well of course an Obama official will fire.nack. Their fools. It may have been…some of it, Iran's !money, but they should have given it back later and in small increments over a long period of time. What President Trump said was true.

  8. That airplane ✈️ was shut down , justice will be served .

  9. I wonder if the Supreme Leader has ever listened to "The Devil went down to Georgia" by Charlie Daniels? The song illustrates that the spiritual entity also known as Satan can't be all that powerful. He placed 2nd in a musical talent contest to a hillbilly teenager. How tough can he be??

  10. The House is powerless acting alone. Its all a show.

  11. So now we're supposed to listen to Rice, who lied to ua sbout Benghazi? Does the media get dumber by the day? You certainly don't learn much at all. More likely, it's the narrative that takes priority when covering Trump… keep it up, your only helping him get reelected 😂

  12. Shot down a commercial passenger plane? "Some people over there did some things"


  14. From ct? Yeah he killed her.

  15. i wanna see iran on its knees cowards murding innocent people all over the middle east

  16. Another flat lie in the Pig's pile of lies about Obama. The US under Obama made no funds available to Iran. Why does the POTUS lie so very much? Why does he slander everyone?? For the truth on this matter, see Sec of State John Kerry's remarks delivered in an interview with Lowrence on MSNBC. The lies are so thick and so transparent.

  17. Why is he breathing so hard and sniffing so frequently? He sounds like he's on a nose candy high or suffering from severe sinus trouble.

  18. Wow you people reporting are sounding like your supporting a terrorist country😂 feel sorry for you people are charged and sued again😂😂😂😂

  19. Trump is right the missiles that Iran has been using these past few years were paid for by obama.

  20. Who was on the plane Iran shot down

  21. Yeah well maybe if you moron politicians didn't have such big mouth, and weren't in the back pockets of every foreign shitbag on the planet, you'd be let in on when there were going to be military strikes. Personally, I hope to God he never tells you people when he's planning a military strike on anybody because none of you shitbags in the Congress or the Senate can be trusted the keep your big mouths shut!

  22. Democrats shouldve been on that plane instead.

  23. Leave Harry and Megan alone. There a young family for god sake. Let them figure it out. Shesh. Those babies are darling. 😘

  24. Never forget these people gave Obama a Nobel peace prize for bombing Syria.

  25. Your news channel is despicable disgusting and fake. Look at the votes today you will find how many Republicans may even have a question as to whether President Trump was incorrect and doing what he did or not. As a matter of fact more Democrats were favorable towards the president than Republicans unfavorable.

  26. Its all a Ruse the Iranians in fact served Suleimani to the Americans on a silver platter because they wanted to get rid of him , the revolutionary guard and its ellite arm "quds" are too powerful in the interior structure of iran, they are a shadow government running the show in large parts of the society, mainly for reasons of self enrichment, and are a threat to the theocracy and the more moderate leadership. Its a big show of fireworks and boooyaaa with the american side being fully aware of the "attack" before it even happened. Iran let Trump know that S is up for grabs and they would greatly appreciate his termination, the intel to strike was provided by them, no way was S a person to be that careless without him being set up from the inside.

  27. Lol even NATO has a tough time trusting Trump

  28. remember that missile painted up as a plane that hit the pentagon…just in time to blow up incrimdating evidence missing trillions….oops…you figure that this sutuation has nothing to do with..similar mysterious doings

  29. So much environmental destruction for just a show. SMH

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