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Neil deGrasse Tyson on a Dystopic Future | Breakthrough

Neil deGrasse Tyson on a Dystopic Future | Breakthrough

Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses how science fiction’s dystopic futures may act as a warning for society.
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Neil deGrasse Tyson on a Dystopic Future | Breakthrough

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  1. Except when you get into ai, we aren't thinking for them or guiding them, they guide themselves and choose for them'selves'………………..

  2. Cough cough Liberals today = Progressive Liberals, its just they reveal their agenda openly unlike classic liberals, who have the same agenda's, they just don't reveal them.

  3. Kind of "we will never allow Trump to be our President". It happened.

  4. "we will never allow society to crumble in all the ways SF dystopic storytellings make it happen" – but your society voted for Trump, essentially a 10 year old with the nuclear codes.

  5. It's interesting that a man who is so much smarter than the rest of us, a man who regularly has to debate with creationists and flat-earth believers, has faith in humanity not to destroy itself. I'm not making a point, for or against, either way, but it's incredibly intriguing food for thought.

  6. Hate to say this, but The Maze Runner happened when the soon ate to much taco bell

  7. He looks like he ant slept in a week

  8. People are simply afraid of future because it is is natural to fear the unknown

  9. What a wise statement!!!
    People often say Artificial Intelligence may destroy humanity as we know it. That's true. It will change it for better. Humanity can never get past vast distances of interstellar space and spread our culture and immortalize our knowledge. AI can. That's the power of AI and they can be our true ancestors.
    we don't have the magic of consciousness to make them though.

  10. As much as I love NDT, I think he sometimes gets too distracted with science and misses the point of a fictional story. A story is not supposed to be realistic. It's the differences between their world and our world that make it novel and interesting. A dystopia is not a prediction, it's a "what if". The cliché of "science gone wrong" is just the way for a sci-fi story to become hostile, threatning the main characters and imposing a challenge. If there is no dystopia, there is no strong antagonist, no opposition.

  11. Im sad to hear this great mind completely subject to Hopium.
    Looks like he never heard of physical limits to economic growth.

  12. Do you really think bad people wont exist in the future.

  13. Star trek isn't very dystopic.

  14. Agree with this man, but utopia? Nope.

  15. Can we adapt to climate change…we shall see.

  16. Every human being is contributing and i agree with Neil, and as far as our species is concerned it starts with me and ends with me so its better to make a difference for yourself and the society can do the same this is how we get out of this whole whirlpool.

  17. There are quite a lot of utopian novels as well. Arthur C. Clarke, for example, wrote a lot of them.

  18. there's still the environment, inequalities both social and economic, and many more challenges that we still fight.

  19. black science man: 1
    Evil robots: 0

  20. Tyson seems to ignore the fact that sci-fi novels, and most stories of any kind, are driven by conflict. It's just an element of story telling. So, while the human race might have things pretty well sorted out on Earth in Star Trek, they introduce conflict by focusing on the human race's contact with other species, worlds, and universal phenomena. Also, advances in technology typically outpace advances in human morality and while technology is not inherently good or evil, it often can be used for each end.

  21. This guys ego is buried up his Ass, NASA's poster boy. Stop talking crap !!

  22. Fukushima and future similar events are dystopic enough for me. Our country has not corrected it's course, nor do I think that those who are aggressive enough to run things have either the common sense nor the concern about others do make good decisions. Thus, things do , in fact, fall apart.

  23. Sorry Degrasse. Look around, you think civility is better today than 50 years ago?

  24. How did this guy get to be the jesus christ of the religion known as science that is actually science fiction? I'm an actual liberal folks, not some right wingnut. If all you have is a theory, i.e. a guess, about something you haven't observed and aren't likely to observe any time soon, anything you say about it or any theory you come up with is fiction. This especially goes for the unprovable, of which there is plenty, as speculating on something you can never prove is like saying I wish I had a billion dollars. You're most likely not going to get a billion and you're most likely not going to live long enough to see anything jesus deGrasse Tyson says happen, which wouldn't matter anyway since he'll change his theory tomorrow and say it was due to "new data", which means he made definitive statements about and stated as fact something that was in fact not a fact, i.e. he was wrong for years but believe him this time when he says he's right.

    jesus DeGrasse Tyson is very creative, like any fiction writer, but it's science fiction nonetheless no more real than Hobbits or Predators or Bigfoot. His brain isn't any more powerful than my brain, no matter where he went to school, he's just a great snake oil salesman that says if you don't believe in the religion of science you're a moron the same as Pat Robertson saying if you don't believe in a fairy tale you're a moron. This guy sounds great until you realize he has ZERO to back up anything he says other than we thought this up with our powerful brains. Pluto was a planet, then it wasn't. Vitamins were good for you, then they weren't. Cholesterol was bad, then it wasn't. What exactly have they ever gotten right the first or any time? You tell me and we'll both know.

  25. In the future people will look back at our time and see it as a dystopia.

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