Neither Iran nor US want an ‘all-out war’: Gen. Jack Keane

Fox News strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane (ret.) discusses President Trump’s decision to kill Qassem Soleimani and the possibility of war in the region. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Trump should have learned from Obama and just paid them instead to keep the peace… 💵💰💸💲

  2. Iran got its face slapped. They been acting bad without consequences lately, serves them right.

  3. See then the consequences

  4. We don't want a war at all but Iran has been provoking us way to much! Lets go trump. Treat others the way you want to be treated

  5. USA have to fight 171 million Jihadists. Ever read Sahih Muslim? According to Shria Law Pakistan have to declare war on USA. Pak have 150 nuclear weapons (IRBM…). Five minutes to target. What will Russia do as close friend with Iran?

  6. I want WW3. LETS GO. WE NEED IT. Lets put people back to work. This will solve our homeless obesity epidemic.

  7. Gloating and full of pride about killing someone typical of a satanic usa politician .

  8. 2020 is supposed to be better than 2019.

  9. Dio vs JoJo in ww3


  10. mf why dont stop? israil for making nuclear?

  11. The trilogy we dont need

  12. So, you commit an act of war because you didn't want a war. How illogical is that? Sociopaths always have excuses for their crimes. By the way, the strike was in violation of international law and violated the territory of a sovereign nation. Seems that would amount to high crimes as grounds for impeachment!

  13. If we do go to war Trump kids should be on front line!

  14. Well U.S making wars that nobody ask for just to keep control over other nations

  15. Neither Iran nor the USA wants war but this strike was ordered by israel.
    Pinochio/trump is a puppet of israel.

  16. The mullahs are in big financial trouble and the people are rising up against them. They don't have the money to pay off their proxies and their number one planner just died. This is the end, not the beginning

  17. I guess we filipinos dont involve in this well heck yeah

  18. Iran wants war they always say so. Kinda like north Korea.

  19. Cmon guys stop fuckin around with memes, war is fuckin serious.

  20. Nobody:

    Trump: hunter killer drone inbound

  21. I reckon Iran should just smash the US..
    The US is only capable of air strikes, pressing buttons and gasing innocent children,
    The US would never beat Iran on ground combat

  22. US, Israel and Saudi nothing changed. Trump supposed to bring troops what we voted for.

  23. Fox Media in full propaganda mode. See you next term Mr. Trump you pretty much assured re-election amongst right wing extremists and war mongering white america

  24. We ..the west needs it!! They are a forever devoted religious enemy of christians!! They need a 50% culling.

  25. Iran kidnaps 52 American Civilians during Carter in 1978, then Iran was behind 9/11. And 40 years later America still have not punished Iran. It’s time for America to clear some miss-understanding. Iran will not last for more then a day.

  26. When he finally finds the guy saying انت جميل in Melania’s DMs

  27. I am my dad's only son. I can only defend the soil I was born on.

  28. Let's hope they don't take away our oil

  29. thy say intelligence but have no evidence or proof what a bunch of fools

  30. I wish wars were resolved by just all the world leaders fist fighting each other

  31. Let’s be honest even if there was war the only thing that would happen is that we’d all die

  32. Sensationalist Demo-media trying to get Trump to back down from Iran by ginning up talk of WWIII. Please. Iran would be more like the Spanish-American War. But they aren't that stupid.

  33. Now why should I trust you FOX?

  34. Trump fired without being fired at first! Rules of Engagement! Houston we have a problem!!

  35. Let’s get our boys Daniels, zussman and ofc…


  36. Trump is THE BEST PRESIDENT U.S.A ever had in they entirely life .
    God bless our president . This man have balls . He do de walk

  37. This just made me feel a tiny bit safier

  38. Hello Oligarchy Agenda save the dollar boys

  39. Scare tactics to put Obama back in office 🤣

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