Home / Tech / Net neutrality repeal goes into effect on April 23rd | Engadget Today

Net neutrality repeal goes into effect on April 23rd | Engadget Today

Net neutrality repeal goes into effect on April 23rd  | Engadget Today

This is depressing.

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  1. America: land of the people who think their free but really not

  2. Someone will make their own wifi company and not mess with the fee for doing things, then everyone will us that company

  3. tbh my connection to youtube already is slower on youtube. used to get 2k (1440p) and now cabln only get 720p

  4. A majority of people DON'T want net neutrality to end, but it's still trying to get eradicated? It's apparently not about the people.

  5. this is the last day of net neutrality

  6. Well done, Obama-era Net neutrality rules is now officially gone.

  7. it's gone but no one cares since Congress isn't even gonna let it happen

  8. FALL BACK!!! Meme Team Six mission failed!

  9. I hear that Reese's mug is always full of hot cocoa with peanut butter

  10. Why do these ass holes think we have so much money to give them when they already have it all? This is so disgusting.. Nobody benefits but the people putting this in effect. How do we the regular average people take down these cunts? Are we really just fucked and can't do anything? Wow…. These people get more powerful every day and it seems like nothing can be done…

  11. Well I'm recording porn before this happens

  12. Looks like this is gonna happen tomorrow so is it 2 late?

  13. I can sense martial law because this whole country is going to riot let’s hope that does not happen

    Even if I’ve been hating the USA for a while, because of Trump, I’m with you Americans on this one. As an Asian, I respect my internet and I respect America itself now. “Ching chongs” can’t hold me back now.

  15. What about Puerto Rico? Will they be affected by this as well?

  16. The 99% must exercise natural born rights, effective reacting to all from us stolen. Acting now will be fun.
    Wait too late, for hell on Earth

  17. 2 months…. Nah.. its two days.

  18. Over 25 states have voted against repealing net neutrality, sooooo I don’t think it’s gon happens bud

  19. I'm confused…does the FCC really think that even if this does go through, there won't be total anger and chaos as a result till we get our freedom on the internet back? There will be so much violence, do they not understand what will happen if they actually repeal Net Neutrality? Do they really think the people will stand by and forget about it a week later?

  20. I'm pretty sure that alien meant the 23rd of April not the 18th

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