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New Allegations That Jeffrey Epstein Abused Girls On Private Caribbean Island | NBC Nightly News

The attorney general in the Virgin Islands filed a civil suit against Jeffrey Epstein’s estate, accusing the financier of bringing minors as young as 12 to his secluded compound. According to the suit, Epstein brought underage girls to his island up through 2018 and the girls were subjected to sexual servitude and forced to engage in sexual acts.
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New Allegations That Jeffrey Epstein Abused Girls On Private Caribbean Island | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Disgusting judges who let this monster to be free, he was keep continuing hunting.

  2. Did he really have pics of Trump in a dress ?

  3. Shut up …. these whores wanted it 🤣🤣🤣

  4. I wonder what they're going to do with that island?

  5. New Allegations ? The guy is DEAD. This is just a money grab by lawyers & greedy folks feasting on a corpse…..reported by the world's greatest Fake News Network!

  6. Little late NBC. Like 5 years late.

  7. Hang em high!!! Oh wait that already happened.😐

  8. The fact the media has even reported on Epstein makes me think they have some agenda they are pushing.

  9. Wonder if they dusted that house for prints before the Clintons sent in their covert cleanup team.

  10. But the TV told me it was just a conspiracy theory

  11. Issac Kappy tried to warm us.

  12. They were virgins until they got to the Virgin Island. Amirite? I apologize…

  13. Clinton is sure glad Epstein cant testify now. The Clinton Body Count has one more notch.

  14. Girls as young as twelve…

  15. They should check the resident 🐟 in the warter around it you might find if they where feeding them humans.

  16. Bill Clinton had a good time on that island.

  17. Did he really have a painting of Bill Clinton in a dress?

  18. I suggest this: There has never been a suicide where the victim put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger more than once. NASA tests will reveal more force was exerted breaking THREE bones! That's like trying to pull the trigger twice, and succeeding: so improbable as to be impossible!

  19. You don’t say? Did the queen finally give you permission to cover this as it is old news.

  20. Humm, 🤔 but still no arrest. WTF. He didn't do it without help.

  21. You say kids kids but only have a greedy 22 year old gold digger on your show.

  22. Amazingly, sexual predator Bill Clinton was the guest of honor!

  23. Let's hear from the pilots who flew the plane, and helicopter. What about the flight manifesto? What about the people who worked on the compound, and guest? I know Epstein didn't clean, and stay there by himself.

  24. Excellent! Hopefully they are giving names of the abusers. Justice must be done ✅

  25. What, no way………. Bill Clinton hung out there too?….. It’s how the Elite hold each other accountable they sin together…..

  26. Your a year behind…catch up:)

  27. Man the Clintons are lucky that everything lined up for his impossible "suicide".

  28. Yeah but, how about the people that took part in it? Nothing yet? Hmm.

  29. When is NBC gonna talk about how this Island was a blackmail op for Mossad??

  30. Oh.
    So now NBC is going to report on this? Perhaps if you had reported on this 5 years ago, it wouldn’t be such a joke that you call yourself a news agency. The pedo is dead & he didn’t do that to himself. Report on that!

  31. The sickening thing is that they were perfectly happy to look the other way when he was alive and paying them off. Now his estate is up for grabs, they suddenly want 'justice'?

  32. Glad this dude was murdered

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