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New Details Revealed In Harry And Meghan Markle’s Royal Exit | NBC Nightly News

The couple’s official departure from royal life will be on March 31 and will attend several events in the U.K. before then.
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New Details Revealed In Harry And Meghan Markle’s Royal Exit | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Harry……proper under the thumb…….to a "person" who is a pre madonna " wanting all the lime light…..

  2. H&M cannot use either the word ROYAL or any symbol of the CROWN by LAW!!! See this


  3. Annabelle of the telegraph, there is nothing to Thank goodness for, nothing Harry and Medgan would do to the monarchy will surpass what Charles and Camilla and Andrew have already done, If their collective actions have not destroyed the monarchy i don't Harry and Medgan would do anything to embarrass Her Majesty.it would have been better if you had wished them well in their new life but that would sell your papers.

  4. First off, the British Royals aren’t the only royals in the the world! So do the royals in other countries not count? Does the queen own the right to the Caribbean Royal, Royal Princesses Cruise Ship, Crown Royal, or the Royal Casino?

    Second, Harry is a Prince of said family, therefore he was born a royal and will die with that same “royal blood” weather the Queen recognizes him our not.

    Third, Harry and Megan not working for his family’s doesn’t mean they are no longer apart of the family (once again is a royal by birth).

    Finally, they roll out the royal carpet for her son’s Andrew and continue to rake Harry and Megan over the coals. The British Royal family can dress it up with jewels all they want but toxic behavior is toxic no mater if it done in the palace anywhere else, period!

  5. They dare go back to England? She might just have eggs thrown at her!

  6. Harry is born to serve Meghan Markle NOT The Royal family, shame on him !!!

  7. I did a google search & There’s millions of entities that use the word “Royal”, in their title & Capitalize on it, help me understand why H&M , should be denied his birth rights ???

  8. Our ears eyes sore about these cons please stop news 😬😡😤

  9. Give him a clue. Meghan GETS what Meghan WANTS…. Go figure….

  10. Don’t know if I could have made it through the day without knowing this bit of news.

  11. Is the Royal Family also going to ask the cruiseliner Royal Caribbean to drop the word "royall?"😅

  12. Yo encuentro a las 2 brutas …princesas son princesas pero estas 2 deben empezar de 0

  13. To the person who said there is no such thing as royal racism no it’s not is just racism and you go on to say why because they adopted a black girl and her ancestors are black that’s bull white men slept with their slaves had kids by them but were they treated any differently than any others you people alway want to explain away racism but for someone who as to live it we know just admit it and we as black people and people of color need to stop acting so surprised by it they have and always will look at us a inferior to them but we know better just stick together and we can overcome anything

  14. His grandmother may dislike him, but his dad will support him. He will have it easy

  15. 🧞‍♂️🧛‍♀️🧞‍♀️The Beguiling Meagain Fake Sparkle true colours are flying wide and leading the good but soft hearted Prince Harry to more struggle . Harry is still in the clutches of this Social Climber ! He forgets that if Meagain can do what she does to her very own blood father ; imagine what she is already doing to him whilst he is on the adrenaline puff every now and then from her . Once she has expired Usage of him ; Archie will be her Life Insurance ! Poor Harry ; it’s a matter of time when he wakes up! Her b class fake portrayal of “ hardships” in the palace is just as fake as her UN speech using the under privilege of Kenya and India. She is going to continue to use the Super Fakest “ Humanitarian” platforms seen on planet earth ! And now her next spring Board is still Prince Harry as long as he is dizzy and her recent celebrities groupies who are hungering her “ Royal “ attachments’ Seen a lot of cold , crafty , heartless and super fake people . Meghan reigns pretty high on the list ! Don’t buy anything Meghan ! Be wise and know that she is a Master User ! She will used her fake “ Humanitarian “ plastic efforts with the hands and brand of Prince Harry and Archie in the long run ! She has slapped the Gracious Queen of England and the British people ! She then mutiny to Canada and tries to use the Canadian people and since that is not panning out as smooth as she wants ! She engineers Harry’s soft Royal Spine to do her Disney and Hollywood bidding ! God have mercy on Prince Harry and Archie and especially Queen Elizabeth! 🙏🏻🕊🕊

  16. Nobody is really a Royal!!! We are all "ordinary" humans! All the same, and nobody is special more than all the rest (all of us).

  17. The Queen is not finished!!! She will also strip them of the title "Duke and Duchess" !!!!!

  18. Setting up a 'non-profit charity'? There must be millions up for grabs. All the profits go into their accounts so they may become financially independent? What a con. Royal they are no more, they asked for it.

  19. and charlie charlie is married to his mistress


  21. Is anyone else sick and tired with this constant Meghan and Harry stuff?
    They have “stepped back” for privacy… Please do us all a favor and REALLY step back. I hope there are more people that are just done hearing about them.
    AND all of the nonstop coverage of their need for PRIVACY! 🤣🤣🤣. Just go away.

  22. Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, we are free at last. We love you our King and Queen of hearts and Duke and Duchess of the world, and support them forever and always.❤️❤️

  23. All they want to be are celebs..lol

  24. And the ADULTERESS
    Future king living it up w/

  25. Best wishes to Harry and Meghan. I’m sure their family will do very well despite the way this Royal family is treating them.

  26. They can no longer " Sit & Drink Pennyroyal Tea " 🎶

  27. There is no such thing as Royal Racism. Queen Elizabeths' great great grandmother was black. Her grandmother Queen Victoria adopted a little girl from Ghana. AT HER CORONATION, Queen Elizabeth had to publicly acknowledge her African  & Asian ancestry. There are also native born black royals & South African royals in England.  Harry & his wife attempted to bail before getting the ax. As a Duke  & Duchess they moved 4 times in 2 yrs on the taxpayers dime. When people move 4 times in 2 years, that's a mental issue. MM is never happy and Harry goes along. As a Duke & Duchess, they failed to fulfill their duties at Sussex. They spent one night in Sussex. You can't be a Duke over a province and permanently live abroad. As for the money, Harry & his wife wanted to negotiate keeping their titles for profit. They wanted their clothing allowance, $5mill income and full security detail. That is extortion. Do your research, please. The Queen took MM on trips that she normally goes on alone. It seems to me, that MM thought she could get her way and still walk away with everything. The people of Sussex said, NO! They signed a petition asking they step down. Harry went to the media first. For working people this is called, "I'll resign before you fire me." The people of Parliament saw through what they were trying to get away with. If they wanted real freedom, they would not have asked to hold on to the perks to make it appear that they were making it. Their PR launched the racial bias as retaliation. Be wise, people. MMs PR reports directly to the media outlets. They spin it their way and it becomes news. Always research the truth.

  28. This will end in divorce no doubt! Hope he made her sign a prenup as she will never be royalty 👑

  29. What's with this one year review? If the couple want to be free why is it the Palace is still trying to put chains on them? Yet, the Queen allows her son, Andrew who is accused of pedophilia to continue using his HRH title and can use HRH on letterheads. Andrew is also receiving taxpayer funds to fund his castle-like home. The Royal Family seems to feel that everyone feels the same towards Harry and Meghan like the vitriolic British media. The world is watching how no one in the Royal Family once stepped up to publically support this couple even if it was silent support. The Royal Family are in cahoots with the British media and they both orchestrated to drive Meghan out of the country. What they did not plan was that Harry would also leave. I wish the couple the best luck away from such backstabbing and toxicity in that family. The Queen and Charles also mistreated Diana. They have learned nothing from the past. Harry and Meghan will still go in to do great things. Harry was a British Army Captain for 10 years and served 2 tours. He is tougher than many think.

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