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New Iowa Numbers Show 4 Candidates In Striking Distance | Meet The Press | NBC News

Each of the top four candidates have lead the Des Moines Register’s poll at least once in the last year.
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  1. Bernie surging Biden down to fourth!

  2. At this point msm can’t do anything to change my mind, Bernie 2020.

    Ps we are not here to change the mind of trolls or msm to support Bernie..just here to wake the non voters, it’s all we need 🙂

  3. I hope they don't repeat the 2016 mistake and back Mr. Hillary Clinton male version Biden or it might be another low turnout.

  4. Twisting the news, we the people can see right through you and what trying to do to . When Trump wins , Well you will have job alright, but you will have missed the greatest opportunity .

  5. You mean Bernie Sanders is in the lead

  6. Interesting take. When it was Warren 19%, Sanders 18%, Biden 18%, you said it was between frontrunners Biden & Warren. Very odd indeed.

  7. The reason why President Xi ranks low is because Western media boycotts news about China. President Xi and China are doing big things all the time but it never gets into our news. Pathetic

  8. look at how NBC covers Bernie being in first. "well within the margin of error" and "all candidates have been first" and unlike Pete or Warren, theyd use soar or surge or CNN'S infamous a "strong fourth" but with Bernie its a "reshuffling" and important to know its the "first time hes been number one".

  9. Hey 👋 am I on the correct UTub. Out of the 15 comments so far over 10 are Pro President Trump!!!!! I just finished watching Meet The Press on TV. It incredible how the try with their Yellow Journalism to sway public opinion.

    Then Chuck went from least liked Leaders in the World. President Trump being number four (but they did not show the new President Of England who is probably ranked after President Trump, because he was elected to take England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 out of BREXIT)

    Chuck didn’t explain the President Trump low ratings is due to Countries can no longer abuse America!!! Yes

    Nor did Chuck explain that his Base Has Grown.

    I am a Democrat who voted for President Trump and plan to Vote 🗳 for President Trump in 2020 and Candace Owens for 2024.

    My only question is when does Early voting start, I am ready!!!

    I am WOKE

    God Bless America

    God Bless President Trump

  10. Bernie never held a job until he was 40, he lived off his 3 ex wives
    Also had an affair with his niece.
    Avoided the draft and has spent his life supporting communism.
    And this POS wants to be POTUS?
    How America has fallen. ….

  11. Yeah, Trump 2020! Funny how nobody here mentions the Iranian people protesting now against their regime leadership!

  12. Rod Stewart :. Forever ❤️ Young. ✨✨✨. Joy 2 the 🌎 WORLD🌎 ✨ 2020 ✨

  13. I am voting for the one that is Donald J Trump. The only one with the brains and uses it.

  14. NO Democrat will denounce ANTIFA.
    ANTIFA is financially supported by NAMBLA.
    VIOLENCE and PEDOPHILES is the Democrats goal.



  17. And all four are trash with no chance

  18. Who is going to get fired like Debbie Wasserman did?? They will do the same thing to Bernie as from 2016

  19. Here'a little ditty to hum to.

    Now they can walk one hundred miles,
    and they can walk one thousand more,
    to reach another hundred miles
    of brand new U.S. border wall !!!

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