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New rules in UK allow doctors to refuse care to 'racists': Report

California Governor Gavin Newsom calls on doctors to write prescriptions for houses just like antibiotics.

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  1. Why is she sitting like that?

  2. A clever, politically-correct way of cost cutting.

  3. WOW! Thats dangerous to let a Dr or one person say who is sexist or racist and shouldnt get the medical care needed. And I'm assuming that means Emergency Care as well. How can you fight against an accusation when laying there unconscience? People lie, say and do stuff because their an activist.

  4. Newsom's lobotomy seems to have been successful.

  5. President Donald Trump’s administration unveiled its third budget proposal Monday, cementing a vision for the United States that bolsters funding for defense and border walls, while severely cutting social programs for the nation’s poorest.

    The $4.7 trillion budget proposal, which encompasses everything from funding for food aid, education, and health care to national defense, seeks to slash $845 billion from Medicare — a program Trump notably promised to leave untouched — cut from Medicaid through major structural reforms, as well as a 9 percent cut across non-defense programs, all while increasing the defense budget to $750 billion, 5 percent more than the 2019 budget.

    Additionally, Trump’s administration has asked Congress for $8.6 billion for the president’s border wall, a project the president declared a national emergency over earlier this year amid the nation’s longest government shutdown in history.

  6. Lol! How the hell would you know if a person is racist ?

  7. According to Democrats, everyone is a racist.

  8. Burney Sanders believe old people shouldn't get CANCER treatment?????? Maybe he should get cancer then tell me how he feels about that.

  9. Ridiculous! Who will decide who is a racist? The Left? … Not to treat someone who's a racist is a racist law.

  10. 'Racist' means: 'Anybody who doesn't agree with me!' [Brits have GONE 'ROUND THE TWIST!]

  11. Is there a test for this racism? Can we call it the race'ometer? At some point someone is going to have to pay for this childish nonsense.

  12. And who gets to decide who's "racist"? You can't fix stupid.

  13. How come I live in the UK and have never heard of this ridiculous idea? and what if the doctor is a closet racist against white people?

  14. When are the makeup people from this show gonna learn their lesson about fake eyelashes

  15. What happened to 'first do no harm' and who made this decision for medical profession?

  16. California IS Next!I'd PUT Money on IT!Go LIBs!

  17. So if you scream Allah Akbar you don't get treated in the UK

  18. Remember the Hippocratic oath?

  19. The only ones ever accused of being racist are white. So not treating a racist would infact be racist.

  20. The UK's healthcare system is failing, is it not enough money or are they inventing excuses to turn people away. The major part that's not mention is, they are still taking massive amounts of taxes even from these racist/sexist and then refusing them their healthcare that they're force to help pay for..(Good old Universal Healthcare at it's finest)

  21. Many sick individuals are not in their right mind. Many conditions cause people to not act as themselves. this is a disturbingly short sighted and irresponsible plan. Doctors and all medical professionals should be ready for people who are not on the same wave length, education level, or social level as them. If the individual is that racist, then allow the patient to not be seen by that doctor, not the other way around. This is alarming.

  22. Don't get hysterical. Some ignorant patients are racially abusive of foreign staff. Some piggy patients are equally insulting to female doctors. Now they do not have to treat someone who has abused them, NOT refuse on reputation. Grow up, people.

  23. Excuse me Fox , who told you all about this crock of excrement ? I'm English , how come this is new to me ? I can't deny that the way the Left are going , and remember they just lost an election very badly , their identity politics is on par with that in the U.S. but lets face it if you were not at death's door and your behaviour was really bad some doctor might say " On yer bike , find another one , but if you were really ill and didn't treat someone you'd be asking for a whole mess of trouble .

  24. The UK has the wackiest law I have ever seen . Who decide who's racist or sexist ? the nurse or the doctor ?

  25. Elect anyone from the leftist democrat mob into office in 2020, and you may be sure we'll get a similar law here.

  26. Doctors writing a prescription for housing? Yeah, it doesn’t work like that. Just like making laws.

  27. Doctors took an oath to help the people no matter who they are written is defining the both of Hippocrates

  28. So doctors are allowed to let those with the wrong views suffer or die? How is that a liberal democracy or free people?

  29. Does that include minority racists: I think not.

  30. So Dr's have to treat lets for the sake of argument say — A person who injured themselves while driving drunk while at the same time killing other people — HOWEVER they CANNOT treat some because of "Feelings" ? Wow!

  31. Who here is voting for Trump in 2020?

  32. miss trish regan is a young attractive woman and looks sexy wearing her miniskirt,nylon pantyhose and stiletto boots.

  33. Meanwhile in America, the left wants to give free healthcare to Illegal Aliens, while at the same time let Grandpa go without medical treatment because "he's lived a long life'". The lefts logic is so twisted & inverted. Unfortunately the are screwing it up for the rest of us.

  34. This is a great way to keep healthcare for all, costs down.

  35. Agreed and build those Homeless Shelters in….Malibu….Brentwood….Napa Valley ,….and Not American towns..

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