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New Ubuntu Touch prototypes hands-on | Engadget at MWC 2014

New Ubuntu Touch prototypes hands-on | Engadget at MWC 2014

Canonical is finally poised to enter the mobile market. After years of teases, promises and demos, the company has locked up the first two manufacturers of Ubuntu phones.

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  1. awesome ….but too late …aigo

  2. This is so cool a phone that can actually turned into a full computer this is going to be killer.

  3. BQ looks like they know how to design a beatiful rectangle they should tutor samsung's design department….

  4. Not bad. Pretty interesting idea actually. Let's see how the final products will be

  5. +michbushi yeah, totally agree with that

  6. ..not very strong business case- "to escape Android"… kinda hoped there's a little bit more to it than this nonsense

  7. Yes finally a Linux phone. We need some variation from Android.

  8. Good video. But not really excited about Ubuntu Touch OS…. This is the device provided by the makers of the OS, and you can see it's choppy… Obviously not a final build, but it'd be nice if it was actually running smooth. That should be a first priority. And I don't love the gestures either… Sighs…. And I really wanted to love this OS…. It's taking them forever to even release a device and I've yet to see one demoed that actually ran well. And it's never on a proprietary device… Just some random Android phone… I'll stick with Android. But I don't think any manufacturers are trying to "escape" the #1 OS in the world that they can tweak and mod to their liking… Sighs…. Now let's hope LG brings back WebOS!!!!

  9. the swiping reminds me of the playbook

  10. Android + Blackberry OS = Ubuntu. jajajaja

  11. Don't put it on a big screen.. 4.7" max..

  12. Ship anywhere unlocked? Interesting…

    Now about Ubuntu on Android….

  13. escape android… what a joke…

  14. this phone looks really nice, hope i can get iy one

  15. What happened to the Ubuntu edge

  16. i love the OS more than any other…but they need to show us that they are really working Google everyday announces something new and really helpful and they are struggling to even make a phone themselves….damit

  17. is ubuntu touch an alternative to android at all, does it change anything? why would i want a ubuntu touch loaded phone instead of android?

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