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New Video Appears To Show Second Missile Hitting Ukrainian Plane | NBC Nightly News

Iranian authorities would neither confirm nor deny reports of a second missile.
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New Video Appears To Show Second Missile Hitting Ukrainian Plane | NBC Nightly News


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  1. it looks intentional for me

  2. The EU a,ready said DAYS AGO that this airplane was hit by 2 TOR missiles Again it dismisses the Iranian flimsy defense about “ somebody not having adequate time to think before the mass murder “ and the attack looks deliberate

  3. canada is the new blame thrower in town. What a clown boy in black face

  4. I WILL SUE ANY AIRLINE FLY ME OVER IRAN..as i have the right to know as a passenger which routes the plane will fly over so i will cancel boarding..if airlines lies about it i will sue them and make money behind it..my life is more valuable than flying over this sick regime

  5. Seen it last week….. old news.

  6. This very, very 😞 😔😔😔is not words on my opinion to describe it, 😣😣so much pain for the family watching the lives ones to be destroyed in the air😞😞😞, my deep condolence with prayers 😔😔
    (Joh 5:28;29)

  7. This is not the first time they downed a plane, there were other suspicious plane crashes, but they were internal, government, or private planes….there is more to this story that we know…they could not cover up like previous times…

  8. so some odd guy just happened to aim his, camera and, catch all that. 🤔

  9. Lol. theu arrested poor guy who filmed that rocket strike… And why Canadian officilias balming America? Iran allowed civil flights despite the "threat". Sorry for my English.

  10. If you think the most powerful military on the planet is about to strike back, why would you keep your airspace open and even allow flights to take off. Wtf. Of course they arrested the person that ruined the Iranian government's lie. They declared mechanical failure within an hour of this, they knew exactly what happened from the start.

  11. Why does the date stamp on the video state 2019 when it happened in 2020?

  12. Date on the video: 2019-1x-xx. How is that possible?

  13. I woke up that morning, pressed the Google bar on my phone. First of top eight search results was "Ukrainian plane shot down in Iran". I didn't read an article or at least an article's title. There was no doubt in my mind who did it and why. Ever seen an Islamist that tells the truth and is non-emotional?

  14. Sounds to me like Dems and Iranians are in bed together, again!

  15. I love how they keep telling us that there was no imminent threat as if they themselves are sitting in the war Room next to the president. You were reporting the news just fine like you are supposed to, but like always your real agenda came fourth at the end. It's Donald Trump's fault. It is passed getting old now ,, no one is listening anymore.

  16. Another video shows that the missiles were actually fired by Trudeu, who had smudged his face brown so as to pass as one of the locals.

  17. It is pretty incompetent to greenlight it's missile defense system BEFORE ""Grounding"" ALL air traffic! ABC & 123 Simple

  18. Trudeau is a LIMP-WHIMP!!!!

  19. so iran arrests a witness and soldiers who fired thats just pathetic they should arrest there leaders

  20. We don't know what's true or was not. Just take it like a grain of salt then.

  21. 0:30 they are mad because their leaders are incompetent liars, they would prefer their leaders be more skillful liars?

  22. so what? america's leaders are incompetent and liars, what's the difference? Pompom "we lie, we cheat, we steal…"

  23. Just start a war in IRAN and claim the land and the oil. Problem solve. They can not do much to any nation anyway.

  24. Fake News, look at the date on the top right of the 'missile launch" video, 2019-10- so October last year.
    Your media is part of the problem, check your facts, can't believe a media outlet would miss the date stamp,.

  25. They thought it was a 🇺🇸 aircraft coming to drop a bomb.

  26. I wonder if Democrats regret siding with mullahs and terrorists over America? ☹️

  27. They all died because of that p.o.s. in the White House, all for HIS ego, disgusting!!!!!

  28. Didn't they issue a no-fly zone warning?

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