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New Video Shows China’s ‘Wartime Controls’ To Fight Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC Nightly News

Soldiers are enforcing curfews in Hubei province, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, as millions are confined to their homes. Hospitals there are overwhelmed as the number of suspected cases grew by thousands overnight.
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New Video Shows China’s ‘Wartime Controls’ To Fight Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC Nightly News


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  1. 13,000 over night 🤔🤔🤔🤔 sound pretty epedimic to me

  2. Its time we all become vegetarians!

  3. I hope everyone in China gets sick, They need some population control anyways.

  4. Means anyone outside will be shot

  5. Now's the time for Hong Kong to rise up if they dont want to continue to be oppressed.

  6. So tobacco sales goes down from now

  7. Dont drink corona any more, now i drink modelo

  8. NBC shoveling CCP propaganda slop oversees. Sounds about right

  9. China is lying about the numbers, only gullible morons believe them.

  10. Chinas pollution don't help.

  11. I Personally Don't trust Mainstream media 9 Times out of 10 your bought by corrupt Government OFFICIALS

  12. They need more doctors and nurses not military

  13. Imagine they loss control once for all. Xi probably decided to nude it once for all.

    Problem solved.

  14. Why do the Communist Chinese enjoy the Freedom to Travel to the United States, in contrast to the cold war era East European nationals?

    Block the Communist Chinese Nationals from traveling to the U.S. altogether.

  15. I admire those doctors who chose to stay and try help. But, you are not wise. You know for sure how the health system and infrastructure of China, you know there is no cure yet. So you don't really help. You spent 12 years in college to become a doctor. You WILL and ARE more useful in the States helping other sick people. Nothing you can do in China that really help. Your sublime contribution goes to waste with the CCP running the country.

  16. TRUMP 2020 make the elites squirm again..

  17. Google lists the number of people killed by "normal" flu at 12,000 yearly.Has this flu caused a greater number?

  18. W.ho.control by communit China,who care w.h.o

  19. I think the media has ADD for their board with coverage of Wu flu it takes time to spread and seems not to be upto time coverage

  20. Don't let these people leave the country, who wants this virus? NOT US!

  21. Can i have a lime with that corona?

  22. Five million Wuhanders fled the city before it was locked down, the barn door closed after the cows got out.

  23. The scary part is how the Chinese government is extremely underreporting the numbers… realistically it’s probably around 200000

  24. Where is Will Smith when you need him??

  25. They all have antman suits and will literally fight the virus in the quantum realm

  26. Turn them off and follow Q and remember stay in the light and do right by your fellow man ! For no one goes unpunished in the end and this end and a new beginning are soon to be upon us !

  27. Lies and fake news, boycott the fake news and follow Q


  29. The backfire of Chinese Communist Party's intentional lethal biowar!

  30. This is the beginning of the new world order!

  31. These mofos playing it slow trying to figure out what's the best way to make money out of it

  32. Gee what are the odds coronavirus hits the city with a virology center?

  33. My first ever thumbs up for an NBC story…and I've seen 1,000's

  34. Female American doctor is STUPID! She is NOT allowed to do jack!! Only thing she can do is be LOCKED UP INSIDE her apartment like a convict!!

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