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New York City Officials Prepare For The Coronavirus | NBC News NOW

Morning Joe’s Dr. Dave Campbell talks to New York City health officials about how they are preparing for possible cases the coronavirus known as COVID-19.
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New York City Officials Prepare For The Coronavirus | NBC News NOW


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  1. NYC will be the epicenter for coronavirus, starting from south Manhattan.

  2. You know you are responsible for saving yourself. If you are going to take chances and not protect yourself then the virus will spread, to you, to your friends and family. So stop being a disgusting pig and wash your hands before picking your nose.

  3. All I have to say NYC residents, stock up with water, toiletries, soap and nonperishable food.

  4. Loud music all the way through ??? No thx

  5. Vitamin health: vitamin c-1000 (max 3000mg per day)
    vitamin e-400 (one a day)
    magnesium 500 (one a day)
    zinc 25 (one a day)
    selenium 100 (one a day) (Yeast Free Is Best)
    vitamin d3 50 (one a day)
    avoid vitamins with these colors:
    Blue #1
    Blue #2
    Red #3
    Red #40
    Green #3
    Yellow #5
    Yellow #6
    Puritan's Pride is a good brand without added colors for vitamins.
    There are also 3 important "Protease Inhibitor" Foods; Potatoes, Beans (Not green beans), and Greet Tea.
    Hit the food banks… who the heck cares? Stock up if you can on all your food, and look for HEIRLOOM seeds.

    Grow a garden; even if its in containers! Hang them, put containers everywhere… Buy some life straws. Prepare for the worst; hope for the best. Stay away from as many people as you can.

  6. Deblasio is a creep and they have not shared any info on whether folks from the city will be able to be quarantine.

    Sadly, we already have 1000 cases in upstate New York and the sad thing – no one is sharing info and plenty of people are prepping for what's not being said.

    This is so shameful – is this still America?

  7. Trump is so smart, according to him.

  8. I virus was Chinese made..made in China

  9. Fourteen days has already been reported .. for quarantine (.. if it is misinformation .. it’s very dangerous …) is not long enough … it has to be at least if not more 24 days .. why is the news saying only fourteen days .. this is terrible !

  10. Anyone that says that it'll start fading away this coming spring and summer need a huge wake up call and possibly about 4 repeated slaps across your face. Take a look at say maybe "Singapore", where at this point in time the weather there is hmmm…warm aaaand weather is like what? ohhhh the same as an average summer? Why is their numbers rising? Very ignorant to suggest such a stupid statement. Might as well drive your car blind folded and hope for the best to your destination. Good luck to idiocy.

  11. Hahahahaha
    Put your mask 😷 on
    People we don’t know
    What that is💭🤔

  12. Then that stupid Democrat should vote to put money towards the wall.

  13. MERS became worse in the heat.

  14. We're all doomed. 😞😞😞😞😞😟😟

  15. What’s the point of wearing the mask if you don’t have it! You’re doomed either way!

  16. This virus will cross our unsecured border.

  17. "I will go and eat in China Town today myself" please take a picture and post it!🤣😂 Hilarious ….

  18. So it's true the virus is already in NY.

  19. All these public servants are gonna get us killed. One case enters the subway in NYC that's it.

  20. “This outbreak is because of a virus, not a group of people”

  21. Indian prime minister MODI Hitler * It is also written in the RSS book Bunch of Thats that liquor shops should be opened near the houses of the Shudras so that they might get drunk and fight and die. Build temples in the neighborhood of the Shudras so that they get caught in the swamp of hypocrisy. So keeping these things in mind, do not quarrel with each other and all the Shudra OBC, SC, ST indigenous people should always maintain unity among themselves. "One Buns" "Right Bones" Jai Moolniwasi! Jai Bheem ! Jai Bharat ! !From an Indian pen
    »Praveen Togadia has children, ever seen him involved in any disturbance?
    »Yogi Adityanath's nephew seen somewhere?
    »Keshav Maurya's son seen anywhere?
    * Why do Smriti Irani's children not go to Shakha?
    »Subramanian children's life set?
    »Sushil Kumar Modi's children do not appear in Bajrang Dal.
    »Ever heard that a child from Advani's house was caught waving the saffron flag in the court?
    »Vasundhara Raje is also never seen in temples. »How many people in Narendra Modi's house get into the Hinduist crowd on the street? बच्चे Raman Singh's children become MPs without any Hindu movement. . – Was Vinay Katiyar's son in a frenzied crowd?
    »Kalyan Singh's daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law, all the MPs became legislators who never took to the streets.
    »Why did Rajnath Singh's son not join Bajrang Dal?
    »Shivraj Singh Chauhan's child does not know Vande Mataram full song.
    »What do both daughters of Murali Manohar Joshi do? • Poonam Mahajan or Pankaja Munde. . Because of the father, there are MPs and MLAs. .
    »You all know Amit Shah's son. . . Before going mad, think who was from his family among the youth who were hoisting the saffron flag on the court premises of Rajasthan, climbing to the dome of Babri and dying, getting arrested, lathi-shot. . . The The The And you are letting your children use them and their ideology. . . ! ! Have a little mind, it's just use and throw politics, sir. . . Save your children from this poison. . . ! ! !

  22. NBC works hand to hand with the Democratic Party.

  23. The flu typically end in the spring, even doctors have said what Trump said. Trump is only giving his opinion. NBC are is a fake news biased Trump hating scum network.

  24. Funny how in a crisis we are implementing but 2 months later the politicians getting paid pops up ugly head telling you they are
    the best. Keep paying them and dont let me get my millions i might buy a home in realsville.

  25. Hasn't more people in the USA died from the FLU this year? I read 14 thousand has died from the FLU this year.

  26. Oh. Public trust overrides quelling the spread of disease by migrating travelers. Brilliantly stupid!
    Open borders fans maybe?

  27. They are saying they don't know how it spreads. So when they drop it on everyone you won't know how you got it. And won't even think twice about it. "Oh well I got it"…

  28. Generally speaking, warmer environments does stunt bacteria and virus growth. That’s why our body’s get fever to combat them.

  29. Talk about that to the president of who. He said worst.

  30. Thermal imaging from satellites. That is all I have to say.

  31. I'm sorry but I think that we should close the borders down completely or when anybody travels outside of the United States no matter where they go they also have to quarantine themselves for 14 days and then should be part of their vacation time perhaps we're not giving enough vacation time for the American public to actually get over any cold or to be able to take that time off so they don't get anybody else infected the problem is too many of us work paycheck to paycheck for us to ever succeed with either one of those suggestions

  32. This is politically biased when it shouldn’t be. Don’t bring politics into this. @nbcnews

  33. Start giving up the meds for everyone, Political will , and money should not be a reason that anyone dies.

  34. China town and have the salad bar meal at a large dinner gathering?

  35. May, June, was what some Doctors said but most are thinking over a year now after that 15,000 plus cases…

  36. Hit them Lord and hit them hard

  37. NBC is a biased, stereotypical, fake and racist news network

  38. If NBC news were a person–it would be a lying sociopath.

  39. Drs do not know best! They know Big Pharmaceutical profits! End the CDC
    Follow Dr. Shiva of M.I.T.

  40. ITS SO FUNNY they have to put a trump dis in thier. these libs are so sad and weak

  41. Coronaviruses can live and hot or cold

  42. Señores : piensen con la cabeza. Los recuperados en algún momento han sido infectados, los fallecidos era infectados en algún momento, los críticos son infectados con fallo funcional a punto de fallecer, los sospechosos son infectados con todos los síntomas pero sin haber pasado la prueba del test. Súmenos todos y les dará una cantidad superior a los 90.000 infectados en algún momento. Como esos no se han infectado hace diez minutos, son los más de 90.000 infectados que decía la enfermera en el video viral el 25 de enero que están empezando a aparecer ahora. A esto hay que añadir que esos más de 90.000 infectados sin síntomas que había en enero estuvieron libremente contagiando sin querer todo enero sin saberlo y sin presentar síntomas, por no decir que la semana anterior a la cuarentena salieron de Wuhan 5 millones de viajeros y el día antes a la cuarentena se escaparon 300.000, vaya usted a saber cuantos de ellos infectados sin control y sin  síntomas. SI China lo está haciendo mal, el resto del mundo lo está haciendo peor. CIERREN LAS FRONTERAS DE TODOS LOS PAÍSES, si no es ya demasiado tarde.

  43. They dont stay in quarantine!!!!! When thay come from other places from chinah they dont stay quarantined they go out!!!

  44. You are the reason Trump is going to win in a land slide. You make it seem like he was ignoring the doctors and useing his opinion as fact. Then show his clip and then say that he is ignoring the doctors over his opinion. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. I really wish I had someone else to vote for but dems are just fake and stupid. Orange man bad is not how you get votes. Duh!

  45. SARS,,, PERFECTED ,,, INTO CORONA VIRUS 🦠,,, fast silent mass human destruction,,,,FORGET NEWS MEDIA COVERAGE,,, watch ACTUAL NEWS COVERAGE OUTSIDE USA,, B PREPARED 🦠🇺🇸✝️,,,age bracket more important also,,, being an ELECTION YEAR,, n TRUMP WINNING

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